Germany sees notable drop in asylum applications in 2018

ONN: BERLIN (December 16, 2018) — The German government anticipates a drop in asylum applications in 2018, even including the thousands of babies born to recent migrants.

The Bild newspaper reported Sunday on a preliminary report it obtained showing about 166,000 asylum applications will have been filed by year’s end, including 30,000 babies born to migrants in Germany.

That’s down from 198,317 in 2017 and well below the government’s target of a yearly maximum of no more than 180,000 to 220,000.

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  1. In other news, the German government also praised the Reichstag fire situation, saying that there was a vast improvement today in the number of rooms that have caught fire in the absence of the fire brigade. “Today, only five rooms caught fire, compared to seven yesterday, so we think the situation is improving with a notable drop in new rooms on fire and there is no need to involve the fire brigade at this stage.”


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