Germany’s Clean Energy Flops While Global Fossil Fuels Boom

Breitbart: Germany, epicentre of global environmentalism, is losing faith in the green dream. Its energy minister has admitted that it will fall some way short of its 2020 climate targets and that voters are weary of the renewable energy projects which in Germany alone cost taxpayers around €25 billion per year.

EurActiv reports:

Voters across Europe have lost faith in politics partly because of “unachievable targets” on renewable energy, said German Energy Minister Peter Altmaier, who rejected calls from a group of other EU countries to boost the share of renewables to 33-35% of the bloc’s energy mix by 2030. […]

“Germany supports responsible but achievable targets,” Altmaier said from the outset, underlining Berlin’s efforts to raise the share of renewables to 15% of the country’s overall energy mix.

But he said those efforts also carried a cost for the German taxpayer, which he put at €25 billion per year. “And if we are setting targets that are definitely above 30%, that means that within a decade, our share has to be more than doubled – clearly more than doubled,” Altmaier pointed out.  more

4 Comments on Germany’s Clean Energy Flops While Global Fossil Fuels Boom

  1. Most old buildings boilers/furnaces are either oil, natural gas or maybe steam based in Euro…oh…and Manhattan btw.

    NOT many cities, towns or otherwise, can run on wind or sunlight…

  2. Renewables are a HOBBY not an answer, if you want a windmill in your back yard or a solar on your roof or in the north 40 go ahead but it better pass zoning laws and I don’t want to subsidize it.

  3. Tell every German you know that when you fart you aim it in their direction,
    thus nullifying their entire stupid Climate Change™ agenda.

  4. The price of electricity in Germany is slightly more than 3 times the cost in the USA per kWh. Go for it Germany!

    The EU wanted us to join the Paris Climate Treaty so we could follow them in their folly and eliminate the competitive advantage the USA has in energy. DJT told them to shove it.



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