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Germany’s Energy Lesson

CFP: Germany continues to intensify draconian measures to cut energy consumption.

Consumers are now having to endure the excruciating economic pain of the country’s intensifying energy crisis—brought on by decades of botched green energy policy and heavy reliance on Russian gas.

Germany’s natural gas reserves are emptying at record speed because wind and solar power have been on the scarce side over the past few weeks. 1

Many households are facing poverty for the first time

Over 21 million German households heat with natural gas and are now threatened with exorbitantly high additional payments for their gas; already most bills have multiplied. 2

Many households are facing poverty for the first time. In recent times, some households have received notices for new installment payments that amount to seven to eight times the previous price.

The euro has fallen below 99 cents for the first time in 20 years. A weaker euro adds further to the risks of even higher inflation, which is currently pummeling Europe.

Not only are consumers being severely impacted, but so are companies across Germany. As of September 2022, as many as 16% of them have completely shutdown or drastically reduced production because they cannot pass on the gas prices to their customers. 2

Already addled with high natural gas and heating oil costs, German residential building owners are now being required to replace gas furnaces that are 30 years old or more. 3.

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  1. Things seem to be pretty bad in Germany domestically.

    Seems like German tanks go to Russia ONE way or another any time that happens.

    Then they drag everyone else into it…

  2. Don’t worry, north America is shutting down it’s own domestic production, which is actually worse.

    Byproducts of proper Natural Gas Combustion are: Carbon Dioxide & Water

    AKA: Air For PLANTS & Hydration

  3. Fritz and his fellow Kraut citizens will have to have their nuts frozen to the front porch before they even begin to understand how stupid they are. Screw them! Next up will be hunger. That really has a way of driving home the point of the situation.

  4. Stupid is as stupid does.

    Poor krauts play “follow the fuehrer” to drastic ends, seemingly, every time.
    Now they’re following the false god of Globaloney Warming/Climax Change, again, to utter ruin.

    After the Kaiser and Hitler, you’d think they’d learn – but then you wouldn’t be a student of History, would you?
    (it’s not just THE krauts – it’s a human propensity)

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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