Get a Load of This: San Francisco’s Human Waste is Killing Fish – IOTW Report

Get a Load of This: San Francisco’s Human Waste is Killing Fish

Greg Gutfeld and guests discuss the sewage problem facing San Francisco and fecal matter leaking into the bay on ‘Gutfeld!’

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  1. On Oahu, there are some of the most polluted beaches from the homeless crapping wherever they feel the urge. The cost of progressivism.

  2. What did you expect? Everyone knows that San Francisco has become the a**hole of the universe under Pelosi and her pet monkey Newsome.

  3. The biggest problem is the storm water system is not part of the sewage treatment system. What goes on the street, winds up in the bay or ocean.

  4. Leftists are totally unable to create anything but crime, destruction and filth. No care for the natural world in that gang. They understand nothing.

  5. And they will call on the Federal Govt to help them take care of the problem. But then the money will be spent and surprisingly the problem won’t be solved … but several Democrat politicians and donors will be a lot wealithier.

  6. If you’re going to San Francisco:

    Don’t drink the water
    Don’t eat any fish from the Bay
    Don’t pick up anything lying on the sidewalk
    Stay away from Castro St.
    Don’t bend over in any restroom, be it male, female, or whatever
    If you get injured, decline a blood transfusion
    If you see a homeless person who doesn’t move, don’t touch – he/she/it is more than likely dead
    If you have to be in SF, leave as soon as you can

  7. If you’re going to San Francisco, and someone says “Let me put it to you another way”

    no, heck no, no way in heck, just NO!

  8. (anonymous) reports from NYC is that fake-gov Kathy Hochul and corrupt mayor Eric Adams have comspired to add cancer-causing arsenic to the drinking water of low-income buildings’ water systems for the purposes of poisoning, sickening, and killing the residents. Take note that last month August Eric Adams posted a video of himself falsely drinking NYC tap water and claimimg of how “delicious and refreshing” NYC water is, urging and promotimg drinking the tampered water. Take note also Adams didn’t actually drink the toxic water and drank from another container which had bottled spring water. Also, even if there were no added arsenic deliberately poisoning the tap water it’s saturated with filth, bacteria, debris, cancer-causing agents, feces, medications, dangerous microbes, and sewage from a system which is seldom maintained and cleaned.

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