Get America Moving Again: Why Trump Is Right to Re-Open the Economy


President Donald Trump’s economic policies ushered in an economic boom the likes of which we had not seen in decades, if ever. Now, faced with a pandemic that has ground the world’s economy to a halt, the President faces the unenviable task of trying to head off an immediate public health crisis without inducing a long-term economic crisis that could be even more devastating to the well-being of the American people. So while it is important that the President continue receiving advice from medical experts, as he has been with Dr. Anthony Fauci and others, his recent comments make it clear that he is also smartly taking into account the human impact of the economic decisions he is facing.

This type of multivariate analysis is at the heart of every difficult decision a president has to make. While armchair analysts have the luxury of cherry-picking stats and facts to make their points, presidents have to weigh the broad real-world impact of everything they do. And when you’re making decisions that impact all 325 million American citizens–and billions of people all around the world–there are an infinite number of variables to consider.

Making these decisions must start with receiving good information, which he clearly is from the world-class experts he appointed to his coronavirus response team.

Unfortunately, the media has taken the opposite approach, inundating Americans with worst-case scenarios and doomsday predictions, often from people with a political ax to grind. For instance, Andy Slavitt, one of the architects of Obamacare, predicted all the nation’s hospitals would be overrun by March 23. Obviously that turned out to not even be remotely accurate. read more

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  1. Fucking media is unfookin’real. They hate this president like nothing I have ever seen in my lifetime. Almost everything I read or the clips that I watch feel it necessary to slam President Trump.

    Biden lays out the steps he would take and gets a tongue bath and it’s almost exactly what Trump IS doing for which he gets called out. Give me a fucking break.

    When you hear the media with their latest round of bullshit, never forget they have sold their souls in the vain hope of seeing a President Biden…yeah let that settle in.

  2. Gotta stop! It is full circle and affects
    everyone on the planet.I hauled my mini
    sport truck to Ft Worth yesterday with
    a Uhaul truck and 2 wheel dolly.traffic thru
    Houston was like 1990! I was doing 60 thru
    the cross town and normally it would be a crawl.

  3. What’s bad for the economy is good for Democrats.
    What’s good for the economy is bad for Democrats.

    Get it?

  4. Please, dear merciful God in Heaven, let this madness be over soon. There are lots of people and families that are going to be in serious trouble, if not.

  5. Here’s something else to consider: Why would Pelosi et al believe she could get away with stuffing the recent relief legislation with unrelated, crony pork and crippling regulations? I think it’s because she saw that the Leftist media has done a spectacular job of stampeding the flock over a cliff. I believe she and her Democrat Socialist party, seeing how easily that was accomplished, thought she would have the nation’s support for her legislation. The Left sees themselves as social conjurers; calling into being whatever is in their fevered imaginations regardless of reality. They do it by creating a crisis — through the media — and bulldozing a “solution.” This almost always works, but not this time thanks to POTUS Trump. I pray that,eventually, Trump calls them out on their strategy. You better believe there are backroom dealings and late night phone calls to Progressive governors to paint the blackest scenarios possible and to call for more and more edicts that cripple business and remove constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms. It’s as plain as day the Leftist pols refuse to operate under the most basic tenets of a representative, constitutionally-organized republic.

  6. The entire panic campaign is being very craftily, and very effectively, orchestrated by Leftist powers to make people dependent on government and see them as the solution for everything.

    It’s a very effective strategic campaign for them, very few people even see it for what it is and just go along with it because they don’t know their enemy or even realize they are engaged in a war with him.

  7. WTF? Are you suggesting that millions should have to lose there jobs, have their lives destroyed and the greatest nation on the planet suffer an econocomic collapse all for the sake of marxist domination? This should have been headed off several months ago. Now is a fine time to admit, even worse relent to the marxists stranglehold on the throats of the American people. The President should be demonstrating tangible rejection and concrete action against the tyranical oppression of Americans by government and bureaucracies at any level.

  8. Invasion from third-world shitholes. Taking too long.

    Impeachment. That didn’t work.

    Chinese Flu brings the entire world to a standstill. Success!!


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