Get Cynical, Get Angry, And Stay Free

Kurt Schlichter:

At least Mayor Daley and the rest of the Chicago corruptocrats had the common decency to do their vote-thieving behind the doors of the local mortuaries. Today, in Florida and elsewhere, the Democrats are doing it right in front of our faces. In fact, they’re rubbing it in our faces.

Understand the truth.

Accept the truth.

Get woke.

The only thing they care about is their own power, they absolutely intend to steal every election they can, and everything they say is a lie.

When is the last time one of these “The Republican won oh wait looky here it’s a whole bunch of new votes that Lou found in the basement” scenarios ever turned out with a Republican gaining votes? Defying the laws of probability and common sense, never. If it wasn’t a fraud, once in a while the Republican would win. But he never, ever does. Hmmmm.

Well, not quite never – back in 2000, the Bushes and their Conservative, Inc., Ahoy Elite pals showed the spine and toughness defending their own interests that they would never show defending your interests and fought back. They took the Al Gore vote scam up to the Supreme Court, which punched the brakes on the hanging chad grift, and the Democrats have still never forgiven them for not rolling over.

But ever since, Republicans have been afraid to fight back. The Dems and the media will be mean to them, and that’s scary. But it looks like they’re finally fighting back in Florida, and it looks like we’re going to win – at least as of this writing. There’s a lesson there.

What is rewarded is repeated.

4 Comments on Get Cynical, Get Angry, And Stay Free

  1. Doesn’t look like the Repubs will win, to me.
    The Dems wouldn’t take the effort if they didn’t know the result beforehand (re: FISA judge).

  2. Yesterday Kevin McCarthy was running an ad on the radio talking about all the things that he was leading on, the lousy Goddamned piece of shit, four flushing, dirtbag had two years in which he was among the House leadership and would have actually had the votes to pass these and send them to Trump for his signature. Now that the worthless piece of shit is in the minority he is now going to bring them to the floor only to be voted down by the Democrat majority.

    I am so sick of these despicable lying good for nothing Republican establishment types that I cannot stand the sight of them any longer.

  3. WGAF
    I’m gonna hafta’ buy a black outfit, black bandana, and a baseball bat. sigh

    Gilliam not my governor.
    Nelson not my senator.


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