“Dad, there’s going to be a World War III,” my nine-year-old said to me, as I was drying him from his bath.

“Nah, buddy. I think we’re all going to be okay,” I reassured, knowing I was lying.

“No dad …seriously. A lot of people hate each other. There’s definitely going to be a World War III.”

I smiled at him, kissed his head and said, “well, maybe one day, a long long time from now. But we’re safe right now, pal.” Then I tousled his hair, gave him a reassuring wink and sent him on his way. But inside, my stomach was churning because deep down …I knew he was right.

I don’t know how he knew to say something like that because there’s no way he could’ve known about the Charlie Hebdo attacks of earlier in the year. He couldn’t have known about the attempted terrorist attack in Texas shortly after. I’m certain he doesn’t know about the Chattanooga shooting involving a radicalized shooter and some unarmed Marines. I know for a fact he doesn’t know about the hundreds of Christians being beheaded and crucified in the middle east. He’s probably not aware of the thousands of Syrian refugees pouring over European borders. He hasn’t seen the wreckage of the Egyptian airliner. And I’ve made it a point to shield his eyes from the horror unfolding in Paris. Yet …he can feel something isn’t right in the world. So can I.

If you’ve ever wondered what “existential threat” means, now is the time to look it up.  MORE

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  1. Well, let’s just hope it’s the same as when I told my father back around 1983 that I was worried that Khaddafi was going to nuke the USA, where his reassurances that it wouldn’t happen came to be correct.

    But, we live in scary times, and the powers that be are doing all they can to divide us and make neighbors enemies over stupid ideologies. Let’s hope cooler heads prevail, but I’ve been thinking this last few years that it’ll be a small miracle if we don’t see the unraveling of the USA in the next 2 decades. Let’s hope things turn around before that time comes!

  2. another whiny commentary with no recommendation

    from the title, perhaps the author needs viagra

    i dropped out with the anti-trump comment

  3. “Donald Trump …you are an entertainer’s entertainer.”

    Did this clown just arrive on the planet? As week as our military is right now. We could STOMP Russia and China in a couple days. And they know it. I’m not sayen weak Barry’s not trying to talk them into it.

  4. Don’t ever use the word “tousled” again!!!!!!! That is the description that FUCKING ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE GAVE TO ZHOKAR TSARNEAV WHEN THEY MADE HIM LOOK GOOD!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE STILL UPSET ABOUT THE BOMBING!!!!!!


  5. I agree… The world is becoming unmanageable. WWIII is definitely coming because it’s quickly becoming the better alternative. There are too many useless fucks running around who desperately need to either die or wake the fuck up to their responsibilities as adults. Enough with our crazy, aging, snot-nosed, aging rich kid coke sniffer leadership class. Enough with faux-scholars and their shitty, non-sensical, non-rigorous stream of marxist consciousness garbage they’ve put in place of liberal arts. And the climate cult has got to go… now. And spoiled, stupid, neanderthal blacks have jumped the shark. Those scum need to either straighten up or burn in Hell. And people who want to butt fuck themselves to death and then donate blood and adopt victims… I mean… children… Need to become pillars of salt. We not only have WWIII coming, we have Biblical carnage coming.

  6. Yeah that and who the hell dries off his 9 year old??

    Good grief! Hell 5 years older and my GreatGreat Grandfather was in the Freaking Civil war for 4 years.

    Voted for Ronald twice, voting for Donald, my name sake ; )

  7. Muzzies teach their nine year olds how to separate infidels from their heads. We lie to ours and tell them everything is going to be ok. My grandson will be 3 on Friday. By the time he’s 9 he will know how to catch and clean fish, how to skin a buck, and how to fire an AR-15. When world war 3 comes he might stand a chance.

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