Gettin’ Squirrelly

The YouTube tinkerer who came up with the porch pirate trap recently set his mind to squirrels and how to challenge their amazing abilities to empty bird feeders. Watch

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  1. Between the squirrels and the crows that frequent my yard in the Summer I don’t know which is more fun to watch, the crows are smarter I once saw one fly into my bird bath with a stale dried piece of bread and use the bird bath water to soften it so he could eat it. And the doves taunt my golden retriever by landing on the power lines and making her look up barking at them. We even had a couple of chipmunks in my back yard a few years ago. I’d love to be like St. Francis and have a backyard menagerie of all sorts of critters. And that doesn’t even include the birds, and butterflies and bumble bees and my personal favorite hummingbirds. My mom and dad had moles but their cat was death on them, he killed alot of moles.

  2. Better than gophers.

    Which invest muh propertie….. kilt one with a golfclub once. (7 iron) And yes, it flew up into the air like I was driving a sand wedge.

  3. The boomers (red squirrels) around here are pretty well behaved. It’s the grey ones that suck.

    There HAS to be some kind of racist shit in there somewhere.

  4. Raccoons were opening up my Gamma Vittles dog feed hamper by screwing the lid off… until I Mini Mag’d a couple of them between the eyes. Having to get up at 03:30 to take a leak every night does have one advantage.

    Squirrels get the Beeman R10 or HW80 treatment if I catch them anywhere near my flower bulbs.

  5. There is an open season on racoons in Wash. state, so racoons can be killed anytime and as often as possible in order to get rid of them. We occasionally have some of them around here. My biggest problem is with skunks who show up and stink up the entire neighborhood during the Spring and Summer, so far my dog hasn’t met one but I have seen them usually late at night. And there always seems to be a lot of road kill porcupines as well.


    ◼️ Attract them to witness their cuteness.

    ◼️ Attract them to blow their brains clean out their own arse.

    ~Things we struggle with…

  7. I wonder if the average Government School graduate today could run a course like that…..or a typical politician?

  8. I don’t mind the squirrels eating the birdseed I throw on the ground. The hawks don’t seem to either.

  9. I too set up bird feeders in my back yard when we moved into a home with one and quickly found out that not only are the little gray hairy rats smart, they talk to each other because at first there only 2 or 3 that came around to raid the feeders but with a week the numbers grew to 5 or 6. Within 2 weeks the 5 or 6 turned into 10 or so and within 3 weeks they were a constant presence that began fighting their fellow squirrels but anything else that came between them and their free meals…like birds!

    My reaction was a little different than what was in the video although I did use some critical thinking skills to prevent the squirrel-apocalypse that my feeders had created.

    I decided to give them free access and as much food as they could gorge on but with one catch, they became a target for my brand new pump-action BB-gun that I picked up from wallyworld cheap.

    Putting the feeders on the ground only got them destroyed faster by the rats fighting so I instead just put out piles of bird seed on the ground, tipped over my pick nick table so I had a nice backstop for misses, and then just waited inside my porch in my favorite chair for the games to begin.

    Once the little rats noticed how easy the food was and word spread through the squirrel-hotlines, I had a non-stop flow of targets to service at about 50 feet. All I would have to do is crack open my window screen enough to poke the gun out and take one with a easy shot. The rest would scatter once one was put down but would come back as soon as their departed one was taken away and would think nothing of sitting in the still warm blood spot of their former friend only to be serviced the exact same way.

    This went on for some time, days anyway, until they got smart and realized that when they heard the sound of the window screen going up about 2 inches it was time to bolt! So after I left the screen open and resumed my culling of the herds they got even a bit more smart.

    Once they heard the sound of me pumping my BB-gun up 5 or 6 times they would bolt and I would have to wait a short time then longer times until they would come back but they would ALWAYS come back even though just about every neighbor had feeders they could raid.

    By the end of the end of the summer I could sit on my porch for half the day and enjoy bird watching for most of the day without seeing one single squirrel… I stopped counting how many got serviced after 50 so I do not know what the total count was but I do know that it took about 5 years for them to reproduce themselves to the former numbers they had and I enjoyed squirrel free bird watching the entire time… until I watched a feral cat kill one of our state birds, but that is another story!

  10. ´frisco has done this with people living on the street. Shelter is offered, along with drugs/tobacco/alcohol, the challenge is making it thru the bureaucracy, and surviving the street

  11. @jethro….

    never found out what my neighbors thought about it because living in the ghetto you do not ask questions about where a particular food source has gone to.

    Its like asking people who live near a chinese restaurant why there are no pigeons around…. special’s not included on menu

    Watch a video or two from duck dynasty if you really want to know what happened to all those squirrels…. LOL


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