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Getting Animated

Even the geniuses at LAIKA Studios are getting annoyed at being forced to work from home. Watch

And if you haven’t watched any of their stop-motion masterpieces, your missing some wonderful art work. Here

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  1. I so admire artists who can come up with ORIGINAL storylines and take me to a new place. It’s sad that so many adults would look at these animated offerings as only for children. Some are complex and thought provoking – the very best of creativity.

  2. The work at home thing is temporary. There is just no synergy.

    You’ll see. The market will drive this.

  3. Odin 2013 –

    “beautiful space maiden Athena”
    Uhhh noooooo. lol!
    They all had a Wayland Flowers ‘Madame’ vibe. 😀

  4. Hugh Jackman – phhhhht.
    Why do they need expensive actors to read lines for the voice-overs?
    There are plenty of cheaper people who can read lines perfectly fine. Let capitalism take over and wipe out hollywood. I wouldn’t miss those assholes for a minute.

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