Getting Older Can Be Awkward

Getting older can be awkward, whether it’s learning you have sleep apnea, or getting stuck at your friend’s daughter’s ballet recital old age leads to some interesting situations.

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  1. You get older, you stop worrying about keeping up with anyone. It may have helped your ambitions when you were younger, but you know it got out of hand.

  2. Other than having to pee all the time I don’t mind getting older. That and occasionally forgetting to zip up my fly afterwards. I have to double check to make sure that my barn door isn’t open, oops.

  3. Getting older means having grand kids. Nothing wrong with that.

    FYI – My neighbors use a C-PAP and it saves on their electric bill, they do not have to pay the higher tiered rates.

  4. My wife has developed restless leg syndrome. Woken up 100+ times a night from the bed shaking, in between getting shaken right before I fall asleep another 100+ times and when she’s not shaking the bed she’s sawing logs. It’s torture.

  5. There’s a fair amount of things I miss about my younger days but if you would have told me a good night’s sleep would be near the top of the list in my 20s, I would’ve laughed at that.

    If I miss a day in the gym or a CV workout, I sleep like crap. I remember one time coming back from doing a 14teener in CO that caught us in a wicked hail/rain storm the last couple miles down. By the time we got back to my place, we were the walking dead. We slept 13 straight hours. 13 straight hours.

    Now even on gym days, 3 or 4 hours at a stretch is a victory. I’m up at all hours, reading or working in my studio. Weird.

  6. Tell me about it. Your brain still works and you feel pretty young – and then you look in the mirror!

    My grandson asked me over Christmas: “Grandpa, why are you old?”

    I swore I never would let myself ‘get old.’

    Damn mirrors.

    (Brad is right… keep moving!)

  7. When I look in the mirror, I see a 40 year old virulent man, with a partially full head of hair. When I see a photo of that same person, I see a 63 year old balding man with wrinkles and bags under the eyes..

    Damn, I hate cameras!

  8. Getting older showed up very suddenly for me this past week. I’m about to ring the bell on 60. Saw a couple of flashes of light in my left eye Wednesday morning. Didn’t think much about it. Then Thursday I got a shitload of ‘floaters’ in that same eye.

    Leaving out a lot of shit nobody wants to hear, I had a “vitreous separation” event in that eyeball. I’m over 50 and have been very nearsighted my entire life. Now I got ‘a flock of seagulls’ that my brain is going to have to learn how to edit out of my vision. They said that will take a while. The retina people are having a closer look Tuesday.

    Not looking for sympathy, just documenting one more fuckery of increasing decrepitude our ageing bodies can visit upon us.

    At least I ain’t peeing myself just yet. But tomorrow is Monday, who knows? Wasn’t expecting this shit either.

  9. Lowell, I had a similar experience but a better outcome. 10-15 years ago I had a couple flashes of light in my eye and since I was close to my eye doctor I casually called them up just to see what they said about that. What they said was for me to get my ass in ASAP, could be the beginning of a detached retina. They didn’t even want me to drive home, my wife came to get me. I guess the bottom line is if you have a couple flashes of light in eyes for no good reason you better get to an eye doctor.

  10. All of us older geezers (I never thought I would be a geezer) over 65 can now sing with pride the Beatles song When I’m 64. Fortunately for me my parents both lived well into their 80’s and early 90’s so I expect to be around for a while longer to see my 4 granddaughters grow up to be young women. My dad’s oldest brother lived to be 99 and a half before he died 2 years ago. He was born in Sept. 1918, two months before World War 1 ended. I’ve still got a lot to live for and want to stick around as long as possible and I pray that I don’t go batshit crazy like my mom did with dementia the last couple years of her life.

  11. Almost 74.
    I’m walking 8 – 10 miles a day, swimming about 3 miles a week, etc.
    Took care of the peeing situation a couple years ago TURP prostate rototrooter (bloody mess and horrible catheter experience) so I’m only up once a night.

  12. One of the things that I’m looking forward to the most is going for long walks every day after my left foot completely heals from surgery. I’ve always loved walking and once upon a time I wanted to walk across America, who knows I’ll start with shorter long distance walks first. One of my friends a pro life Pastor walked across America at least 5 times over the years praying and interceding for America on his journeys, I’d like to do that as well. Walking for me has always been the best way to relieve stress and just talk to God as I’m out and about in the glory of his creation.

  13. My dad used to say “the worst part of getting old, is seeing your friends die off”. I’m going to miss you guys.

  14. I’m still wondering about Mrs. ecp’s Jimmy Legs.

    You goin’ with separate beds?

    Had a girlfriend that did that years ago. Was like sleeping next to a golden retriever dreaming about rabbits. Unbelievable. Almost as bad as my 7 year old who spreads out like a starfish on the big bed turning a queen size into a single.

  15. geez, I had to pay a mess of quarters to get the bed to vibrate at the No-Tell Motel

    seriously though, hope your wife gets it under control

    lessee … got sciatica, toenail fungus, every time I see my eye doctor (myopia since 9th grade) he says, “you sure you don’t have ‘floaters’?”, 3 broken vertebra, no gall bladder, heart ablation, cysts that abscess, melanoma from too much fun in the sun when younger, one arm an inch longer than the other from a shattered wrist, feet starting to hurt (sciatica really affecting one foot) … still got a mouth full of teeth, still got my hair (practically all white now), growing ear hair too … what a treat!, bladder & prostate still ok, notice I’m stooping more after getting up (making a conscious effort to stand up straight), She Who Must Be Obeyed says I still look good … but what does she know, she needs glasses.

    Dad died when he was 64, so I now have a few years on him. Mom will be 88 in Sept. her sister is over 90. her parents lived well into their 90’s. so did both my g-grandads … we’ll see, won’t we?

    “Yesterday is history
    Tomorrow is a mystery
    Today’s the a gift from God
    that’s why they call it ‘the Present’ “


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