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Getting the Jab

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  1. I’m looking at the reason this things absentee father is getting his ass kicked.

  2. It looks to me like a triage exercise in San Francrisco and they’re practicing for the next Chinese pandemic with realistic moulage fungus infection trauma makeup. The patient is a Castro denizen getting immunized from the real world.

  3. The longer I live away from cities the more I’m convinced they’re the problem.

    That troll is living a completely artificial life. Gimme’ him for 48 hours. We’ll do a brake job on a dually to start with. Then we’ll learn framing and drywall, then how to landscape.

    If he’s still alive after that we’ll learn riding mower maintenance and how to weld without killing yourself.

    You brain works differently when you get your hands dirty. Don’t know how else to explain it.

    Pretty sure a dose of reality is all this retard needs.

  4. “Whoever will break it to the poor child? I couldn’t for the life of me!” exclaimed a shrill voice. And while they debated the matter among themselves, Conradin made himself another piece of toast.

  5. Burr
    Not happening. All that “Elective” surgery this clown has received was paid for by the state. In other words by you and I. It’s award of the state and will never do actual work in it’s life. It’s not required.

  6. One of the alien ships we keep hearing about landed. The aliens don’t want to be identified as Republicans so they got da jab and a black mask permanently tattooed across their face.


  7. It’s like driving by the auto accident. You just can’t help but look.

    Then again a bad auto crash is more uplifting than that.

  8. The “veil” between the demonic and the natural is becoming thinner. Demonic activity, influence and oppression are up because biblical truth is down.

  9. The tats and piercings are self inflicted, for sure, but what the hell is goig on with his arms and legs??? Sweet fancy Moses!

  10. With luck, it will sit on a Roman candle tonight.

    Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in.
    The sunshine in.

    I’m aging myself.

  11. If that’s not a performer for Cirque du Soliel stopping off on his way in to work, then I have no clue.

  12. Besides being mentally ill, what are those lumpy nobby looking things on his arms and legs? He looks like he has cancer.

  13. Exactly Sam. Wow, he’s possessed alright and he looks like the demons that are packed tight inside him.
    The CCP poison jab probably won’t have any effect. He’s already been jabbed by Satan.
    Christ is the ONLY cure for this sin sick soul.

  14. The side effects from the first jab obviously didn’t deter it from getting the second.

  15. You are looking at one of a million or so reasons why aliens make sure their doors are locked when cruising past Earth!!


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