Getty Foundation Proves Multicultural Means NON-WHITE

Student claims she was denied an internship at the prestigious Getty Foundation because she is white and sues for racial discrimination


When I was in college I applied for grant after grant, even after carrying a perfect 4.0 GPA after 2 years, and was continually told straight out that I didn’t have much of a chance at all because I was white.

This was the early 80s.

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  1. In the mid-70s I was told by college officials that the best way to land a government job was to be “a black, wounded, female veteran.”

    This stuff ain’t new.

  2. Hope she wins big. Time for this nonsense to meet its demise. And going after mega lefties? That’s rich. Leftist lawyers are going to sue and defendant is going to hire leftist lawyers. Plaintiff may not get much but the leftist lawyers are going to make a killing.

  3. it would be funny if it were not for the hard working white people who work 12 hours days to pay taxes that support this shit that then turns around and screws all white people……the parasites are trying to take over the world but without the providers, they are gonna have one choice, RIOT! Time to find a state willing to leave the Union before the inevitable revolutions occur…

  4. When I was actively seeking employment a few years ago, I filled out the EEO forms as a black man. However there was never a job intended to be filled, so it didn’t matter.

  5. Whites need not apply?
    Judeo-Christians established “culture” in the US which is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits, knowledge, belief, morals, law, custom and any other capabilities and habits acquired by a member of today’s society. It is time for all to concern themselves with the same.
    Culture has no bounds of color, race or creed.
    Accept, receive and learn from the culture you live in, even when you are excluded from internships. Learn that life is an internship, always striving to learn and learning by your mistakes to make your culture thrive and grow to society’s benefit.

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