Ghislaine Maxwell to appear, via video, in court on Tuesday

Just The News: Ghislaine Maxwell, former girlfriend and alleged co-conspirator of the late Jeffrey Epstein, will appear via video at her bail hearing on Tuesday. 

Her attorneys have requested that she be released on a $5 million bail, on account of the risk of contracting coronavirus in jail.  more here

10 Comments on Ghislaine Maxwell to appear, via video, in court on Tuesday

  1. Will she appear naked with dildos stuffed into every one of her well used orifices? Might tune in for that.

  2. Ghizzie is looking at 35 years in a Federal Wine and Cheese Pairing Facility. Her former Lover and Mentor is dead and in Hell. If she wants to cut a deal and avoid becoming an older hag behind bars, Maxwell will have to compose a symphony of people, places and perversions. This little taste of confinement probably convinced her to start singing like a choir girl. I hope her chorus is coming in loud and clear in the hamlet of Chappaqua, the Chardonnay Capital of Whestchester County, State of New York. It could be the most interesting music heard in this place since “Hail to the Chief” didn’t get played for President Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  3. I wonder if her microphone could be rigged to short out and electrocute her.

    Would just be considered a tragic freak accident if it did.

  4. So now that she is scheduled to appear, somebody knows exactly where she’ll be and precisely what time. A hitman’s dream.

  5. I expect that the denouement of this opera will be far less than the anticipation.

    She’ll be dead or conveniently hidden away.

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