Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Judge May Be Compromised

WLT: Is this a fair trial, or a bought and sold verdict?

Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial is set to begin Monday November 29th, but there is going to be a media blackout on it.

There are official reasons for this—namely that cases in federal courts are not televised, but we all know there are other more ‘personal’ reasons for the media and the establishment not to televise this.

I found a Twitter page which will be tracking the trial, and we will of course be providing our own updates.

We need to talk about this judge though…

Maxwell’s trial is set to begin Monday, and Biden has nominated US District Judge Alison J. Nathan for a promotion to the federal level very soon….

She has also gone on record claiming that certain details of the case are too ‘impure and sensational’ for the public to hear, so she will be keeping Maxwell’s secrets…

I don’t know about you, but all of this sounds incredibly suspect:

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  1. I would guess that the majority of Hollywood, politicians, judicial, media and a “who’s who” of corporate big wigs were all connected to Epstein/Maxwell in some form or other.
    No way any of those secrets will see the light of day.

  2. There are hundreds of Elites that must be protected. The list of names would be staggering and terrible. Hope it gets published soon.

  3. Comey’s daughter is the “prosecutor” and it’s an Obama appointed judge. Most of the people mentioned in the evidentiary documents are likely democrats. They know we know it’s a fix, and they don’t give a fuck because they have all the power, and they want us to know that.

  4. Maxwell will either be convicted of a lesser charge of doing 50 mph in a 25 mph school zone, or else commit suicide via multiple stab wounds in her back. Fortunately, none of this is newsworthy in any way, shape or fashion.

  5. What next? Excusing women from the court room because they wouldn’t handle hearing the “impure” testimony?

  6. Maureen Comey, daughter of douche-bag Jim Comey, is lead prosecutor, I wonder how she got this plum assignment?

    Sadly, the mob (that un-enformed emotionally led agenda-driven body that doesn’t give two shits about the facts or justice) will want this woman’s head because they were denied Epstein’s head.

    Obviously not a fan of underage sex trafficking but I sure hope the defense dives real deep into the compensation end of the equation. Were these women kidnapped, drugged, held against their will, did anything they were not a willing participant in, and how much were they ultimately paid? Oh, and why did they wait 15-20 years after the fact to come forward?

  7. Somewhat related; She should try the Elizabeth Holmes defense (Theranos founder, currently being tried for 11 counts of fraud) which is that as a woman she fell under the spell of a domineering man who seduced her, then plied complete control of her actions, actions that she would not otherwise have commited if not under the influence of the man. A loose take of Stockholm Syndrome.

  8. If you accept all, any, some portion, any portion, of “work product” from a group, knowing, fully, mathematically sure, that some, any, even one of them is corrupt, you are corrupt. There is no more “slightly” corrupted, than “slightly” pregnant.

    Now. What idiot want’s to claim credit for asking the question?

  9. Real hush-hush. Will the court can send out for pizza?

    Hillary is waiting. Her hair is done and she has new clothes. Plus a different makeup artist. Ready for her VP assignment at the trial’s “clean” conclusion…

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