Ghoul Doubles Down On Support For Organ Harvesting PP

Twitchy came across a Planned Parenthood supporter so without conscious or moral compass that the individual has been tweeting today about making it a point to donate to Planned Parenthood, specifically because of  today’s revelation of the horrific goings on there.

You really need to read the person’s Twitter feed to get a sense of just how ghoulish this person is.

Twitter Feed Here

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  1. If you think this is exceptional I got news – it’s not. I have spent time arguing abortion on the Patheos site getting a feel for the thinking of the atheist feminist pro-abortion set. They commonly refer to the fetus as a parasite and a pregnant woman as the host. Abortion is simply self-defense against the ravages of the disease of pregnancy. Really. This is how they all talk. They are quite proud of it.

  2. That Death From Above person isn’t a true abortion believer, just an opportunistic, attention whoring “look at me!” troll who knows just what button to press to maximize contention.

    I hope.

    Lake of Fire either way, lest he/she repent.

  3. The Slave owners of the Antebellum South didn’t destroy the unborn of their slaves and harvest their organs, yet anyone today who thinks it’s OK to wave a Confederate battle flag is some kind of monster.

    When the left defines the terms of what is right and wrong it always ends up upside down and backwards.

  4. Satan isn’t lurking in the shadows and dark corners of Earth – he sits in the very seats of Power, Money, and Celebrity. He sits in the White House, the Kremlin, the Vatican, Mecca, Medina, the UN, the Forbidden City, Caracas, LA, Chicago, NY City, Albany, … &c.

  5. Never concede good intentions to the “progressive” left. It is never warranted. Innocent human suffering misery, suffering and death is what they worship. It is what animates them.

  6. The same women who say they hate children and would or have aborted them, and insist everyone stops pro-creating (the green movement, especially) won’t line up to get themselves sterilized.
    What’s their game? They have abortions to spite people? Very strange.

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