Giant Sucking Sound

When Ross Perot said “Giant Sucking Sound,” Bill Clinton immediately thought of something else altogether.

That aside, Perot’s rant sounds familiar.

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  1. 25 years later it’s only gotten worse-both he and Pat Buchanan were waaaay ahead of the curve.

    Remember how Buchanan was vilified?

  2. Perot was absolutely right.
    I work for a multinational corporation that had factories all across the USA. I can take you to multiple cities across this country and show you empty factories that were once bustling with my company’s business until they were slowly closed, starting in 1994, and their production moved to Mexico and China. As an employee I watched with amazement the momentum build, with decisions made based solely on exactly on what Mr. Perot said – the bottom line for the company was better with overseas labor, never mind the bottom line for America bleeding red like a massive throat slashing.

  3. Corporations don’t move overseas because they want to. They move because the greedy maggots in the FedGov force them to.
    Trump talks about “punishing” companies that move to mexico and china, but what he should be talking about is making America a better place to do business.

    Socialism is a proven failure.
    Every time.
    Every where.

    We must jettison the foolishness and declare socialists anathema, and do away with them. Socialism is a cancer. Another rancid cult, like izlam, that has no place in a our culture.

    izlamo delenda est …
    socializmo delenda est …

  4. Trump’s ‘solutions’ are anything but.
    Trying to trap businesses here will make things decidedly worse, just look at every country that ever tried that route. Venezuela is the latest in a long line of those bent on using that failed technique.
    We business owners are not the property of the government and enslaving us will lead to poverty for all.

  5. The 2015 trade deficit of $540 billion doesn’t tell the whole story. The deficit in goods was $760 billion. That’s the one that directly correlates to laid off workers and welfare benefits. The US has a $220 surplus in services. The largest element of that is royalty payments for the American designed goods manufactured overseas, much of imported right back to the US. That goes directly to corporate bottom lines.

    A rule of thumb is that a $100,000 deficit directly results in one laid off worker. That comes out to 7.6 million US unemployed. In addition, 2 more people that supported the manufacturing worker (i.e. service jobs) are also laid off resulting in 22 million jobs lost.

  6. Well John S,
    Do you suppose we’re better off to just erase the border to import slaves for the jobs that are too inconvent to export?

    If making business owners live up to their responsibilities as citizens is “trapping” them then so be it. It will work if, at the same time, the government dramatically decreases over regulation and interference in business. I doubt seriously Argentina did that.

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