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Gilbert Gottfried- “You FOOL!”

They cut to *Caryn Johnson too much, but this is funny despite…

*Why does Whoopi get away with appropriating a Jewish surname?

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  1. Ms. Johnson took a Jewish surname because at the time she started doing standup there were no black woymins stand up comedians.

    She deliberately took a Jewish name so she could get bookings and fit in more easily.

    According to her.

  2. What Gilbert Gottfried might have said:

    “Because all the Irish names were taken.”

    (Audience laughs nervously.)

    “No, I know this one. Because she’s a BEOTCH.”

  3. I got 2 things:

    1) Those contestants were Dumber than Bird Shit on a Blue Suit.

    2) There was a time when Whoopie Knew how to behave in public.

  4. Kcir, back then Whoopie was only 60 pounds overweight.
    She is at least double that now.
    I’d like to slap that nigger upside the head.
    Yes, she deserves being called a nigger…a dumb nigger at that.
    And for any black person offended, get over it, I’m not talking about you…asshole!

  5. Boy were those contestants bad. The only way it ended was Gottfried finally gave a correct answer – they kept blindly agreeing with him.

  6. The only guy filthier than Gilbert Gottfried in The Aristocrats was Bob Saget. They enjoyed themselves just a little too much in that movie.


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