Gillette Backpedals After ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Ad Campaign Failure

Think Americana:

Back in January Gillette ran an ad campaign that attacked “toxic masculinity” and targeted white males specifically.

Conveniently these ads weren’t ran in countries like Saudi Arabia. They were strictly ran in the United States.

They targeted white males who were “bullying.”

There was all kinds of backlash for this ad, but Gillette refused to take it down. Per TV Line:

Gillette has no plans to pull a new TV spot that asks if a “boys will be boys” mentality is truly “the best a man can get.”

Titled “We believe” (and embedded above), the commercial intercuts vignettes of dad-approved bullying, the verbal and physical harassment of women and other examples of toxic masculinity. A narrator remarks that such behavior has “been going on far too long,” and while “some” of its exhibitors have learned to act “the right way,” “some is not enough.”

“It’s been going on far too long… we can’t laugh it off,” the script reads. “Something finally changed, and there will be no going back, because we believe in the best in men…. to say the right thing, to act the right way…. Some already are, in ways big and small…. but some is not enough. Because the boys watching today… will be the men of tomorrow.”

Now Gillette has realized going after social issues is not a great idea. They said they are “shifting the spotlight from social issues to local heroes” after they faced such backlash from their “toxic masculinity” campaign. more here

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  1. And underneath all their pandering sjw advertising, what they are really selling is the concept of planned obsolescence- disposable plastic crap. They pioneered that concept, and that is their true claim to fame. They’ll do whatever they have to do, or say, as long as people keep throwing out their crap and buying more.

  2. As I recall, their President doubled down on this not long ago.

    Maybe he can use those surplus razors they’re not selling to shave that pussy under his nose before it queefs out some more social justice wisdumb.

  3. Dear Gillette,

    There IS a way you can please the public with your product.

    Simply distribute your now-unwanted razors to your executives that they may use them to slit their own throats.

    Or each others’. Doesn’t really matter.

    Just make sure you all do it in a landfill, as I’m confident that you’re woke enough that you wouldn’t want to contaminate NICE places with your White blood.

    As your life drains away in a sticky crimson gush that shades quickly to ichor as it patters on the festering pile of the offal of a powerful civilization you have stupidly denigrated, to mingle with the thick, fetid waters of the liquefying garbage that you will soon yourself become, you may congratulate yorself on ridding the world of the scourge that was you.

    …and we’ll offer the opportunity to those who lost their jobs over your insanely pointless foray into Democrat politics to shove the remaining razors up your asses, sideways if they’ll fit, then ignite the methane from the decomposing swill, to burn your bodies as a funeral pyre od a once-great company, and let it burn for years as a warning to others.

    THIS is the ONLY way we can enjoy your product again, if only for a little while.

    …in the meantime, on behalf of all our White male sons, nephews, brothers, friends and fathers, permit me to formally invite you to fuck off and die, and take your rusty shit razors with you. You’ll never see another dime from us, unless it’s to pay for rights to televise your demise.

    Piss off assholes.

    In sincerity,

  4. I avoid all P&G products now. Didn’t used to care much, but they brought it to my attention that I should not trade with them and so now I avoid them.

  5. @SNS: PERFECT and splendid vitriol! No additions possible or necessary!

    At least they’re making the world a better place for Harry’s Razor.

  6. …as a side note, Democrats take note: it would appear that, contrary to its presentation in popular media, that the worldwide “trans” population is NOT large enough to sustain a billion-dollar Company.

    …ain’t nothing sadder than when a liar starts to BELIEVE his own lies, and this is what happens when you DO…

  7. Occam’s razor?

    You know, where the simplest explanation is usually the case?

    In this case, it’s “Gillette’s Razor” – and the simple explanation is THEY SUCK!

  8. Missy Gillete: keep your overpriced crap and die on the vine. Schick and Barbasol are less expensive, and better products.

  9. Prediction – Gillette will be hoisted by their own SJW petard and sales will continue to dive. They are never going to give up their “woke” mission.

  10. Reddit has this subcategory called FragileWhiteRedditor.

    The premise is that every sleight. Every insult. Every attack. Every aspersion on your character. Every assignment of blame. Etc. Is supposed to be allowed to stand and that any response, be it factual, relevant, timely or otherwise is a sign that you are a snowflake if you get offended that politicians, multibillion international conglomerates, celebrities or whoever want to blame white people and conservatives in particular for all of society’s ills.

    Gillette is going to find out that America is not a Reddit thread.

  11. Gillette can bite my ass. I’ve been shaving with a straight razor for around 35 years. I don’t have to spend all kinds of money on “disposable” razors, or “replaceable” blades. Just buy some glycerin soap every 6 months or so. Saves a lot of money over time, and I’m not dumping a bunch of plastic razors into landfills.

  12. “Gillette is going to find out that America is not a Reddit thread.” -Cliche Guevara

    And America is going to find out that white people don’t suffer from Rachael Mad Cow disease.

  13. Sorry. There are consequences for backstabbing. Gillette will be suffering them for a long time. My life has become a Gillette Free Zone. Piss off you bastards.

  14. My former dughter-in-law was just sent to Boston three weeks ago from P&G headquarters here in Cincinnati to try to turn Gillette around.
    I think it is going to be an uphill battle.
    I’ve used Dollar Shave Club for years.

  15. Let’s see, the left objects to something a company does and the company immediately caves. The right objects and it takes a complete financial meltdown to even get a hesitation. Nothing to see here, same old, same old

  16. Color me suspicious. An 8 billion loss? That’s a billion a month since their January “launch” of their silly social justice media spots.
    I can’t help but wonder if there woki-doki phase was a convenient cover for some other activities actually responsible for the “loss”. The boycott hurt, no doubt, but I can’t believe by that much.

  17. Dear Gillette
    Good luck getting yer customers back. They’re gone and lost forever cuz they have found quite acceptable alternatives (ummm… hint – that’s why there is competition). Nobody is coming back cuz nobody rewards massive Stupidity and trust me, you pulled off a really special kind of Stupid there by playing Social Justice Warrior games with a loyal customer base instead of taking care of business like you should have been doing! Losing that much wuzn’t even a close shave! Might as well cut yer losses and sell off the line to somebody for a fire sale price. So long losers! U. R. Fucked!

  18. So, as a guy who likes to drag his wimin back to his cave by their hair, I don’t shave and don’t need their stinkin’ products — and so I can’t boycott what I already don’t buy. But I’m determined to find some way to let them know I don’t need or want girly men telling me how to behave.

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