Gillette Now Including Free Manly Side Bag With Every Purchase

Babylon Bee: BOSTON, MA—As part of its new ad campaign designed to target a new, more sensitive American male, Gillette announced Tuesday that the company will be giving out a free manly pink side bag with every purchase while supplies last.

The bag will reportedly contain a copy of The Feminine Mystique and instructions on how to treat any toxic masculinity you may have come down with. To get the free bag, you must spend at least $20 on a Gillette razor or other hygienic product and mail in your man card to the company.  more here


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22 Comments on Gillette Now Including Free Manly Side Bag With Every Purchase

  1. Wow, went out to buy some blades and I remembered just in the nick of time to change brands, that was a close shave….just missed doing it by a whisker.

  2. …is it JUST your man card you have to send on, or do you have to ask your wife to let you get your testicles out of her purse, so you can send THOSE in as well?

  3. For transgenders to hold their female accessories, like maxi-pads, when they force themselves into women’s restrooms. For sicko men to flaunt their perversity in public. So disgusting that they are likely to get attacked for who they are not.

  4. I love the satire of The Babylon Bee. And if you don’t want a pink man bag you could also get a free man bun hair tie. Thank God I’m bald and keep my hair short in the back. I’m getting too old to deliberately make myself look stupid.

  5. DSC is on the take. Be careful of who you do business with.

    FWIW, I saw a pack of MicroTouch Tough Blade shaving utensils at Farm & Fleet yesterday. I don’t wet shave or I would have looked closer. Braun FTW!


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