Gillette Still Marketing to 1 percenters

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  1. I ain’t never gonna be seen buying’ that shit
    Why doesn’t the father be honest and tell it- ‘if you weren’t taking those fucking androgen sex pills, you wouldn’t have to shave’

    gillette sucks. They would have everyone believe that they invented the original ‘safety razor.’ They did not. What they did invent was the concept of the disposable razor blade. Their marketing strategies are responsible for developing the whole mindset of planned obsolescence. This has evolved into them selling razor blades on plastic handles which are not able to be recycled. If anything, people should be condemning them.

  2. At 1:15 she explains the whole trans movement. It’s not about her transitioning it’s making everyone else transition – ie I want attention and you will like it!

  3. You all are missing the point Girllette…

    This future female should be shaving his legs in this ad…

    what a farked up world we now live in.

    If you read the bible it wasn’t until the citizens of Sodom wanted to rump ranger the angels that God had sent to warn Lot that he had finally had enough and sandblasted the place. Bet he caught more than a few who were transitioning in Sodom by surprise that day.

  4. It would be very insulting to me to hear that kind of coaching/encouragement when learning a new skill.

    The only way I could see this as acceptable is if the guy shaving was a retard that also needs to be reminded to change his pants and shower after he poops himself.

    “Now go get in the shower and remember to take your clothes of this time. That’s right, undo your belt first then the button and pull the zipper down. You’re doing great. Remember, brown stuff in your pants shouldn’t be eaten or used for finger painting flowers on the wall like you did yesterday.”

  5. I went to their facebook pg. I think they’re deleting negative comments. There wasn’t one until I posted that it seemed they were doing so to suck up to less than 1% of the population.
    No matter how loud they yell this is normal it is not.

  6. I use shaving soap instead of shaving cream. The neighborhood Walgreens used to stock it but stopped. Went shopping elsewhere for it and either the stores didn’t have it or they wanted anywhere from $12 to $15 bucks for one puck of the stuff. Finally in frustration I went back to Walgreens and asked the clerk in the cosmetic section if they could possibly still get the one they used to stock. She was able to order me some. Four of them was less than $10. And I use Schick disposables twin blades. Nothing fancy. Tried a straight razor but was afraid I was going to bleed out before I mastered it. I’ll use sandpaper before I’ll use a Gillette product.

  7. I don’t understand the 1 percent reference. Is the population of Tranies really that high? I don’t believe it is. I would be surprised if is 1/10 of that. I think a lot of this is hyped up. The Gay population is somewhere around 4%. I get that the media has turned this in to something cool and trendy and make some people report they are transgender, but I still don’t believe there are that many people who actually get their plumbing altered. That said, why would any company deliberately turn off a high percentage of their customer base? That’s just not good business. I had a Gillette razor that I threw in the trash and stopped buying their refills last year over this shit, so there is not much left for me to do. Obviously they still haven’t got the memo yet. Their stock had been climbing until 2018, then it leveled off. They are not getting good advice!

  8. Gillette still pandering to the PC crowd?

    Then I’m still not buying their shit.

    Thanks for keeping us posted BFH. Keep up the good work.

  9. Remember Gillette is part of Proctor and Gamble. i never used Gillette products so I stopped buying P & G products. There are many and easily replaced. By the way for mother’s day they( P & G) had a woman with a transman both claiming to be the baby’s mother. Please boycott, normalcy is at stake!

  10. “Gillette” is French for “Fuck in Face” – not too many people know that.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Have to admit, it is very enjoyable watching Gillette slit it’s own business throat with their own razor.

    Monumentally dumb. Only ones dumber are the stock holders in Proctor and Gamble, which recently bought Gillette, who are not rising up and shit canning the communist asshole who is running this company into the ground. Guess they are ok with losing their investment for the communist cause.

  12. Been done with them. They chose a side.

    The wrong one.

    There’s a lot more competition for market share these days.

  13. Cliche Guevara – Exactly!
    Without Capitalism and the Military fighting for our way of life there would be no competition!
    Happy Memorial day

  14. Growing up in the 50s and 60s, there were 2 razor brands, Shick and Gillette. Don’t know about Gillette’s politics, but Shick always supported conservative, anti-communist causes. My dad always bought Shick.

  15. Renovated a lot of bathrooms over the years. Many of the older built-in medicine cabinets had a slot in the side for disposing of the used razor blades. When you open the wall where the cabinets were you find the stud cavity has all the old razor blades. Really fun cleaning those out of there. Examined quite a few of the blades. Mostly find Wilkenson Sword brand. Don’t even know if company still makes blades but I know they sure use to!

  16. Check out the old-style double-edge razors. A years’ supply of blades are 9.00, and I’ve never had a better shave. Apparently there is a renaissance going on in this field as people re-discover them. BTW, haven’t cut myself once.

    To keep it on topic, I see no reason they wouldn’t work just as great on transformers.

  17. Different Tim –
    Wilkinson Sword is a brand for razors and other personal care products sold in Europe, owned by Edgewell Personal Care. The also own Shick.
    And for Billy, Barbasol is made right here in NE Ohio in Ashland. Started in 1919 they are now 100 years old.

  18. Just like anonymous. Get the double edged straight razors. Germany makes them and they are about 20 bucks for 200. Buy the razor, brush and soapdish for 40$ if you want a nice ceramic set that looks like ivory. Experiment with different shave soaps. It’s 1/20th the cost of Gillette for a year of shaving. It’s a better shave and much more ritualistic and satisfying. Gillette handed their advertising over to females who of course found a way to attack men as that’s their only narrative. They can’t create new ones. Females can’t create (When are we going to acknowledge this as a culture?) They ruined the brand in no time at all.

  19. To: Different Tim:
    I told that before attempting to shave with a Straight Razor, practice shaving a balloon. Once you have mastered that, you can try shaving your face.
    I have never tried it.

  20. Since boycotting Jussie Gillette, I discovered Schick makes MUCH superior razors, and at a lower price! Not only that, thare are a million shave creams superior to that goop Jussie Gillette sells, and COSTS LESS.

    These kick ass over gilette’s overpriced junk:

    As for gilette’s ‘gel’ shave cream, Barbasol is ‘regular’ shave cream that works better, and at a fraction of the price:

    Blow off Jussie Gilette: you’ll save a lot of money, get a better shave, and you’ll break the leftist assholes.

  21. A friend of a friend is a man who transitioned to a woman. I’ve been around this person multiple times. Considering the mannerisms this person has and the way they carry themeself, I can’t imagine them wearing men’s clothes. This person is utterly feminine. And lovey and fun to chat with at parties. So I can’t see judging this. She’s not hurting anyone. I wouldn’t change my gender, but I couldn’t tell her she was wrong to change hers.

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