Gillibrand: I Never Meant Abolish ICE When I Said ‘Abolish ICE’


Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York stated Wednesday that her calls to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) were misconstrued, claiming that despite saying “we need to abolish ICE,” she believes America still needs an agency that will fulfill the goals that ICE was created to achieve.

Claiming that the agency has strayed from its intended duties, Gillibrand argued that ICE in its current form should be eliminated, but that a new agency should replace it that will execute the same mission of enforcing U.S. immigration laws and investigating criminal activity of foreign nationals residing within the country.

“Give [ICE] a new name and a new directive,” Gillibrand told The Post-Star‘s editorial board.

Gillibrand recommended that the government “reimagine” the agency, however, her office did not respond to requests from The Daily Caller News Foundation to clarify what her proposed agency would look like and how it would differ from ICE’s current form.

The New York senator said that she does not support open borders, and she agrees with ICE’s mission, but claims President Donald Trump and his administration have ruined the reputation of the agency by cracking down on immigrants who illegally cross the border.  read more

12 Comments on Gillibrand: I Never Meant Abolish ICE When I Said ‘Abolish ICE’

  1. Why not just call ICE by a name that Senator Gillibrand and her Leftarded supporters would embrace like the open borders, Turd World Shithole lovers that they really want this country to become. How about ICK? Imaginary Crackdown Kontrollers. No. That doesn’t work because it will encourage poor spelling in all those outstanding higher learning centers in NYC. How about just enforcing the immigration laws that have been ignored for decades and call it MAGA?

  2. Narcissistic jackasses like her haven’t done a single thing to advance any cause other than themselves. The democrat party is crowded with garbage just like her and our system has become a national disgrace because of it.
    I’m not even certain our system is retrievable at this point, it’s descending into pure chaos. I think Trump is our last hope and the future is very uncertain.

  3. When Mrs. Lazlo demands I do chores, like split firewood and rake leaves, I simply rename the onerous chores something else and Presto! Lazlo’s life is now easy!
    Splitting Wood is now: Hammock Napping!
    Raking Leaves is now: Sleep!

  4. In all fairness, she isn’t any different than the rest of the scum in Washington, from either side of the aisle. Two-faced lying liars. Say whatever you think someone needs to hear, then deny or deflect whenever anyone raises questions. There are only two things we get out of Congress – useless hearings and empty promises. Followed by the re-election of practically everyone involved, of course.

  5. It irritated Kirsten that the title of “Dumbest Senator” went to a man (Biden). So she’s doing everything she can to make sure a woman holds that title.

  6. Adirondack Barbie is Schumer’s pet. Therefore, Schumer see’s that this is not a winning issue for them and has instructed her accordingly.

  7. The truly hilarious thing about this hopelessly politically correct Libtard is that if she had continued to pretended to be a moderate Democrat like she was when she represented the 20th Congressional District in upstate New York, she would be a real contender for running as a unifying moderate in the next election. As it stands now, she is just another hopelessly flawed, out of touch woman without a clue. Why doesn’t she just admit that she really wants our country to be more like Cuba?


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