Gillibrand not making the cut for Dem presidential debates


Kirsten Gillibrand’s fundraising has been so anemic that she may not be able to participate in the party’s presidential debates — unlike Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard, who already have made the cut.

It turns out that, at least in a crowded field, being stupid and unprincipled can be a handicap for a Democrat.  Who knew?

Kirsten Gillibrand, who managed to become a U.S. senator only because Hillary Clinton vacated her seat to become Obama’s SecState and the governor of New York wanted a woman to fill the seat, miraculously transformed from a Blue Dog Democrat representing a conservative upstate district into a full blown progressive when winning a statewide election was necessary.

Now that she is running for president, it’s getting more difficult to conceal her vacuity.  People are noticing, even in the Washington Post, the New York Times, and New York Magazine (which, after all, want a strong opponent for Trump):

On a visit to South Carolina, she went to a meeting in a chicken-&-waffles restaurant and began eating her chicken with a fork, then noticed that others were using their hands, and politely asked the owner what was better. Upon being informed that she should use her hands, she did so. But it was too late; her true nature as an out-of-touch fraud had been revealed.



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  1. The perennial Fried Chicken Test. It’s like the only time white candidates are allowed to be anywhere near fried chicken. No wonder the Yankees don’t know how to act.

    Why don’t we have a Watermelon Test? I bet all the Yankees eat it with forks, too.

  2. She’s from upstate New York. I lived there for close to 30 years…now reside in SC. Here in SC, she is out-of-touch just as much as she was in NY. She was a fowl mouthed soccer mom… that can’t fit in ANYWHERE.

  3. …you would think that we’d worry a bit more about how she proposes to run the Country than how she eats fried chicken, but you’d be wrong…

  4. Bummer I wanted a circus with 20 plus freaks trying to scream their way more to the Left to stand out.

  5. Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    Who is the fairest, whitest, palest, fowlest of them all?
    You my dear Kirsten. But you are brain dead, my dear.
    NXIVM needs you, not America. Just go away.

  6. Shoulda told her to eat directly from mouth to her plate – no fork, no hands – and sat back and watched.

  7. Can’t even manage finger food, but pretends she could manage carrying out George Soros’ plans to finish euthanizing the USA.
    “Ooh! Ooh! Mister Soros! Pick me! Pick me! “

  8. Eat chicken with your hands … thas some funny shit, there!
    Mah hands aign’t got no teethes!
    An chikken tastededest better when chewed pu widda mouth!

    specially if it bees all greesy and shit …


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