Gillibrand Puzzled by Use of Word ‘Banging’ in Positive Context

WFB: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D., N.Y.) appears to not know what the word “banging” means when used in the context of describing something positively.

For their Showtime talk show Desus & Mero, hosts Desus Nice and The Kid Mero visited the 2020 presidential hopeful at her home in Troy, New York. In a pre-taped segment airing Thursday, she made the pair omelettes and revealed they were the first members of the media for whom she’d cooked.


“Who will come upstate, is the question?” she asked.

“But what if the breakfast you make is so banging, after this everyone wants to come up here?” Desus asked.

“Uh, say that again?” Gillibrand asked.

Desus smiled and restated the question, “If the food you make tastes so good.”

A definition of “banging” flashed on the screen to laughter from the studio audience: “Excellent, of high quality.”  more



13 Comments on Gillibrand Puzzled by Use of Word ‘Banging’ in Positive Context

  1. I will have to side with Gillibrand on this. I don’t speak ghetto tongue and don’t understand it. In other words, I’m no Barbara Billingsley. I don’t speak jive.

    However. I might have gotten the point contextually. Who’s to say?

    I just remember the inner city blacks from the Richmond moving company coming to move us from Cape Cod to Virginia in 1994. They had only one person who could communicate with me. I simply couldn’t understand the rest of them, as hard as I tried.

  2. She could have recovered her “street cred” if she pulled a bottle of hot sauce out of her Gucci purse.

  3. Although the speaker wasn’t a mush mouth incapable of uttering comprehensible syllables, I take issue with the redefinition of words generally. That makes me a curmudgeon, I suppose, and it has been going on my entire life, as well. I often wonder what it would be like for early Americans, including the Founders, with whom we supposedly share a common language, to be magically transported to today.
    Forget the terrible politics and technology. Could we even hold a conversation, or have we so corrupted the meaning of words that we couldn’t communicate.

    Wicked good question. Ha. That would be the first puzzler.
    Or the present advertising of ‘ridiculously comfortable sheets’.
    Bitchin’ ride. Totally radical, etc.

    Admittedly even a 30 year gap makes me not current.

  4. I’m from the old school, I’ve heard of bangers and mash, bang up good job, banging your head against the wall and even banging a broad but I’ve not heard ‘banging’ in this context.

  5. I think she’s just plain not to bright. When I’ve seen her on news shows and interviews she comes across as stupid in my observations.

  6. What a joke! But wait, the photos I’ve seen of her before must have been 20 years old. That looks like a humped back old lady in comparison.

  7. If I’d heard, “But what if the breakfast you make is so banging, after this everyone wants to come up here?” my response would have been, “I have never heard the word ‘banging’ in this context. What do you mean, please?” That sure sounds less idiotic than, “Uh, say that again?”

  8. Low back shirts and slacks not a good look for her.

    She should have worn a nightgown, robe, fuzzy slippers.


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