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Gingrich: Defund Obama’s Syrian Refugee Program

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( – The Obama administration’s plan to bring thousands of Syrian refugees into the U.S. should be defunded, according to Newt Gingrich. The former House Speaker says Congress “should cut off the funding and say – absolutely no.”

Gingrich made the comments while appearing on WMAL’s Mornings on The Mall radio program on Tuesday.

“This is a clear case where Congress should cut off the funding and say – absolutely no -we’re not going to allow the president to spend taxpayer money bringing in people who may well be terrorists,” Gingrich said.

“Let’s start with the number one fact about the Paris attack –there were eight terrorists who killed 129 people and wounded over 300 – eight.”

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10 Comments on Gingrich: Defund Obama’s Syrian Refugee Program

  1. Does newt really think the establishment republicans lead by ryan and mcCONnel would go against obama on this?

    They funded planned parenthood, obamacare, illegal immigration, and supported training and arming islamic terrorists (which kill thousands) why would they be concerned about bringing islamic terrorists into the US.

    ryan and mcCONnel have already sold out long ago.

  2. Who the hell is he kidding, Paul Ryan couldn’t defund his way out of a wet paper bag.

  3. obama would just declare his intent to veto the spending bill and shut down the government. The jellyfish elephant leaders would say, “we can’t let that happen, we will be blamed”. Then they will give obama whatever he wants and the gop leadership will make some contrived statement about bipartisanship. What a stinking pile of shit!

  4. What was FDR’s and Truman’s budget for bringing tens of thousands of Japanese and German refugees into the USA between 7 Dec 1941 and 2 Sept 1945?

    Where were they settled? How many were there?

    I’m not finding much in my research.

    Is it still classified after 60 years?

  5. No, he doesn’t. He is on, too, on record as one since his session on the couch with he ravishing Pelousy trying to foist off the global warming hoax on us. He’s just another Establishment puke.

  6. Roosevelt actually brought thousands of German POWs into the US to do civilian labor here while we beat their country into the dirt.

  7. Hey Newt, you had your chance and screwed it up to a fair thee well. Go write a book or have an affair, but whatever you choose, shut the f#$k up.

  8. I told my wife before I left this morning, if Paul Ryan has ANY desire for a career beyond the house, he needs to seize this issue and fight Obama tooth and nail right effing now.

    The hour draws nigh.

  9. I’m afraid that the testicular fortitude we thought he might have possessed only exists only in his campaign bios.

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