Girl Scouts USA Is BFFs With Planned Parenthood

Ann Saladin, creator of, and co-editor Christy Volanski, have spent nearly a decade documenting Girl Scouts USA’s relationships with the abortion industry and political leaders who support abortion.

“At the very least, it’s a cozy relationship,” Volanski told Breitbart News as she described the ties between the Girl Scouts, the abortion industry, specifically, Planned Parenthood. More

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  1. That is actually old news. They also have funding from George Soros groups and link to their websites in their handbooks.

  2. The national Girl Scout organizations evil leaders are getting wealthy off the backs and image (and cookie sales) of sweet, little impressionable girls!

  3. The Girl Scouts is an anti Christian and evil promoting organization that corrupts our young girls with immoral values.

    I quit buying their cookies or otherwise supporting them years ago because of this.

    FWIW, I’ve also quit supporting the Boy Scouts in recent years for the same reason since they joined them on the same path.

  4. Keebler is a division of Kelloggs who supports men in women’s bathrooms and gay marriage. There was a boycott a couple years ago. Remember? How quickly we forget.

  5. I followed this story through four different sites before tracking it back to the original post. Other’s put the focus on the girl scout being awarded a gold badge for her project promoting the PP via defending Women’s Health Care rights.

  6. Girl Scouts–protecting Planned Parenthood’s dedication to the prevention of future Girl Scouts.

  7. I mentioned this to a den mother who was with some girl scouts selling cookies outside of a store. I was polite about it. She, not so much.
    Oh well, no sale

  8. ALL our institutions are corrupt. We have to start over.

    Meantime, don’t buy Commie Scout Cookies.


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