Girlfriend Junks 1967 Impala Being Restored By Boyfriend


As hobbies go, classic car ownership isn’t on the cheap end of the spectrum, and the expense sometimes associated can stress otherwise healthy relationships. When a relationship isn’t healthy, however, the car can be what wrests two people apart, which one Reddit user learned when he came home from a work trip to find his jealous live-in girlfriend had scrapped his 1967 Chevrolet Impala project. More

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  1. The guy is totally in the right, and the girl is totally in the wrong, and with criminal accomplices to boot.

    Even with all the other stuff, the fact that the garage was completely filled with the torn down car BEFORE she moved in really showed her up as the controlling bitch that she is.

  2. File a criminal complaint directly with the D.A. and bypass the police.

    She knowingly assisted in the theft of property that was no hers.

    How about that you salty old bitch.

  3. If she has so much as laid a hand on his tools I would have seen fit to have her hung by the side of the road as a notice to others that you don’t touch any tool that does not belong to you. EVER!

  4. When did a ’67 Chevy Impala become something you’d dump 11 grand into?….That was a grandma’s grocery getter the day it left the factory. Even if it had a 427. You just got your groceries quicker….

  5. @ willysgoatgruff MAY 30, 2020 AT 11:52 AM

    Mom had Galaxie 500s when I was a kid. 63 had a 406 and the 65 had a 427. They were pretty nice cars. I would sink that much into either. She called them her road machines. We used to egg her on to pass other cars when we were kids.

    They ended up with relatives who destroyed everything they got their hands on. You could lock the bastards in a padded cell with two bowling balls and come back an hour later and one would be lost and the other one would be broken.

  6. I owned a 67 Impala with a 327 equipped with a 4-barrel Rochester – the cancer in the rear quarter panels (cuz of the lack of drainage in the trunk, I imagine) made it a complete rust-bucket by 73. Cloth seats. When gas went to $0.48/gal I couldn’t afford to drive it.
    And it wasn’t particularly pretty.
    I’da rather had a 67 Camaro.

    But, crap in one hand and wish in the other …

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. she’s lucky that she didn’t have an unfortunate fall down the stairs….. i had one in 76 and i don’t recall where it ended up. great car but wouldn’t pass a gas station.

  8. She’s the type who would off him as readily as she offed his car. Lucky for him he got rid ofher before that happened. Of course, now he needs 24 hour security. She’s scary. He ain’t had the last of her yet.

  9. Why did someone put 11K into that car? Because he wanted to and it’s his damn right to. Go collect your thimbles.

  10. I had an Impala in the day. It was a piece of crap and I can’t believe anyone would think it is a classic except for age. Girlfriend did him a favor.

  11. @#REPEAL THE 19TH AMENDMENT May 30, 2020 at 12:32 pm

    > Another reason why women are not mentally suited to vote!

    Another reason why men who will tolerate the presence of women in their homes are not mentally suited to vote.

  12. A buddy picked up a ’66 Vette for cheap that had been worked over by an enraged bitch with a baseball bat. The owner had no use for it at that point because, among other reasons, he was on his way to jail.

    MAY 30, 2020 AT 12:32 PM
    “Another reason why women are not mentally suited to vote!”

    …one day, Adam is talking to God about the creation of Woman

    “God, why did you make Woman so beautiful and desirable?” he asked.

    “SO YOU WOULD LIKE HER” was the answer.

    Adam thinks for a minute, then asks,
    “But God, why did you make Woman so stupid?”

    “SO SHE WOULD LIKE YOU”, He answered…

    (Present company excepted, of course. The ladies HERE are the SMART ones, and…after THAT…don’t like ME, thus proving it some more…)/jk

  14. “Another reason why men who will tolerate the presence of women in their homes are not mentally suited to vote.”

    Oh, they’re OK as long as you keep them in the kitchen and bedroom.

  15. @Anonymous May 30, 2020 at 1:28 pm

    > Oh, they’re OK as long as you keep them in the kitchen and bedroom.

    To quote Saint William, of Engvall:
    “Here’s your sign”

  16. Wow.
    My current 69 Mustang Mach 1 was “somewhat” restored by a guy 25 years ago. I still have a “to-do” list where his wife went on a written tirade about it. And I quote: “Paint every fiddle foddle f-cking part of anything that your feeble littls mustang infested mind can think of!”
    The story goes she filed for divorce the week he finished the project.

  17. $11 grand invested in a restoration means he was less than 1/2 way through. It adds up in a hurry. Ask me how I know.

  18. How did she scrap it, if her name wasn’t on the title? If it wasn’t, she and/or the scrap dealer is/are guilty of a crime. If her name WAS on the title, the boyfriend is an idiot.

  19. I had a 4 door ’69 Impala back in the day. Straight six. I was lucky if I could dump $12 bucks in it at any given time. Think I paid $100 for it.

  20. I had a numbers matching 69 z28. I pulled the DZ302 out and put a 383 stroker with a huge cam and Air Flow Research heads. I had a lot of fun blowing the doors of Ferraris around here. Didn’t take much more than second gear. But when I bought the car it had just had a body off. Clean car. No matter where I parked that thing some asshole would park right next to it. Then biz got bad so I sold it swearing never to buy another money hog. Well I just found a 69 rolling chassis and I’m pretty close to pulling the trigger. Think we’ll do a retro mod this time around.

  21. Hey Uncle Al… about a ’62 chevy with aluminum front clip, 409, dual 4 barrels right from the factory….

    My first car was a ’63 chevy SS convertible, 327, console shift. I had to give $300 for it…..I ruined that car. That’s why every 16 year old should own a ’67 Ford pick up with 3 on the tree shifting and bad king pins….Steering by armstrong….

  22. Jethro
    I think available times going to be the issue. I want to start shooting some IDPA matches and between practice and the matches it really sucks up the time.

  23. Someone needs to post a photo of said ex-girlfriend. You know, as a public service to men everywhere…

  24. PJ

    Deal. I’ll hold you to it. When I was a youngster I was a street racer. 340 Mopar, sub 12 second car. I have some great stories.

  25. So where does he plan to bury the body? The car body the car body. Who do you think he is, a Clinton?

  26. Lets just assume this story is true.

    A 4 door Impala.

    A 4 door impala with a 327.

    A 4 door impala with a 327 OFF THE FRAME.

    C’mon. Did the forklift hide it or was it in pieces?

    For 11 grand he should have the car, a new engine and suspension.

    I’m just not buying this story.


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