Giuliani Has Whistle Blowers From Dominion

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On a podcast with Steve Bannon, it’s being reported that Rudy Giuliani said that Dominion whistleblowers are coming forward. Dominion is the software used in Michigan that was responsible for a glitch that sent 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden. More

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  1. It’s rather suspect the why the deranged left bent media and big tech is doing everything in their power to suppress this information, or openly oppose it when it does leak out… The same people who for over 2 years fed We the People lies about a Russian witch hunt every day! Keep your powder dry.

  2. My polling place had one of those infernal Demonion scanners. The guy who “assisted” me and my son with scanning our printouts could see exactly who we voted for. The vertical screen which I used to cast my votes was visible to poll workers ten feet away. There were no curtains or any privacy.

    And before he handed us cards to vote, the sonofabitch had the nerve to tell us there was to be no talking. I let it slide, and I told my son which down-ticket votes to cast. WTF is up with these f—king proctors. There is a serious professional vote fraud cabal running the show now in Georgia and elsewhere, IMO. Never seen the likes of this in forty years.

  3. @MJA
    She was on Lou Dobbs earlier. She is a slow talker and didn’t clearly get her message across. You could see Lou was frustrated with her as an interviewee (yes, that’s a word). I bet Hannity’s producers saw that and decided not to interview her.

  4. Jethro- I can see that. She’s a little bubble-headed. lol

    But you know what? They should have sent a reporter to speak to her at her house and then sped up the interview and cut out the dead air.
    FOX hosts failed big time. She filed an affidavit and she’s still a good witness.

  5. the only “glitch” was that the amount of votes biteme needed to win caused a mathematical impossibility

    the so called “glitch” was in fact a feature
    take the time to watch Dr. Shiva’s analysis

    Thank you for linking to this. I had started watch the video a couple of days ago but had lost the link when I wanted to go back to it. – Dr. Tar

  6. “a whistle-blower who worked for Dominion as a contractor .. was an observer in Michigan who was there to assist if machines malfunctioned”.

    How does Dominion define malfunction?
    a)failure to count votes.
    b)failure to accurately count votes for all candidates.
    c)failure to switch enough votes to Biden to place him in the lead.

    If the whistle-blower doesn’t have a complete copy of the software, can point out the subroutine that triggered vote switching to Biden, can ID who wrote it, and ID who authorized release of the software. Backed up by other witnesses who can confirm the information. It probably won’t result in anything significant.

  7. WA state Governor thinks he might get the top job at the Department of the Interior. Captain Climate Change to the rescue! 🤦🏼‍♀️

  8. If I worked for Dominion and I know about the software and especially if I’m anyway involved in programming that software and I have one of the President’s attorneys come to me and say we’re going to find it, do you want to tell what you know, I’m going to sing like a canary.

    For two reasons this is still the President and regardless of what the outcome of the election is, he is the President until at least January. Plenty of time to send the U.S. Marshalls to throw my ass in the slammer.
    I have no idea how the courts are going to rule, if they’re going to get enough ballots thrown out, if hand counts are going to get the accurate number, so no guarantees the bumbling fool is going to get in to save my ass come January.

    No job is a hell of lot better than jail.

    What if the programmer is Chinese? – Dr. Tar

  9. Oh yes he does and there is evidence and then there is proof. He will let you know about the former, but believe me the Trump team is not going to tip their hand regarding the latter. To do so would let the bastards develop alibis.

  10. Everyone know “glitches” never go just one way. Obvious fraud for all “errors” to go to Biden.

  11. If you think there are only a half dozen contested states, I have news for you. There’s a small army of programmers (you’ll hear the term pedes (as in centipedes)) volunteering to help Trump get to the bottom of the vote fraud. If you go this this web page, you will see how many votes have been hijacked from each state.

    And word is, we’ll find out for sure today probably, Trump’s people have the source code from Dominion.


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