“Give folks a chance to get through the door” – Obama

Was he talking about:

a-Jihadists  b-Felons  c-Illegals  d-Infectious diseases carriers  e-All of the above

The answer is E, all of the above.

But for this particular story about Obongo hypocrisy, the answer is B.

ht/ Mel

5 Comments on “Give folks a chance to get through the door” – Obama

  1. We should turn the entire process over to Fish and Game. I just got back from SoCal and in that massive herd of people down there Blonde hair is almost extinct. Fish and Game would be culling the herd and reintroducing Blondes. I’m beginning to think the war is actually on blonde hair and fair skin.

  2. Nobody wanted to do the sticky job of IMPEACHING a fraud POS Preznit and instead it’s been 7 years of hell. One problem after another, in rapid succession.

    It’s like you’d let your bratty little psychotic underage nephew drive your Porsche because he’d have a tantrum if you didn’t let him drive.

    Obola has trashed the Porsche people. Get pissed !

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