Giving this performer the noteriety she deserves

Valerie Sassyfras – Woman Performs at Children’s Event.

This is the left in a NUTshell.

Woman performs a highly inappropriate routine and no one says anything,

AND she proudly uploads it to her youtube channel.


The lyrics to “her song” seem to be “girls night out, I’m horny and I’m lazy.”

That’s what I’m hearing. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Doesn’t matter, though. Her “choreography” is the star of the Children’s Event.

ht/ petrus

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  1. Geez, I hope they didn’t pay this demented, talent-less individual.

    That’s the nicest thing I can say.

  2. If you could see my eyes I was using Morse code that spelled LEZBO. That was painful. Tone deaf, in more ways than one. And no sense of rhythm.

  3. I’ll have to take everyone’s word for how bad it was as I refuse to give the youtube post an additional view.

  4. I didn’t stay with the video very long, as I have a low threshold for idiocy, but when the camera went to the crowd shot nobody at all was paying attention to her.

  5. No talent, let alone proffering any socially redeeming value what so ever.
    Must have been hired by suicidal lesbians.

  6. @ whatshisface, try any video you just replace youtube with hooktube and it is supposed to keep them from showing a view.

  7. Disgusting involving children in their perverted dyke-a-thon. But wait, have any of the kiddies missed their requisite annual dental appt.?

  8. In the wake of the Parkland shooting, while having one of those “what is wrong with people and culture now that is different from when we were young” discussions with family, I made the point that there are no longer any boundaries and there is no longer any shame.

    This is a perfect example.

  9. I make balloon creations… Mine is strictly a children’s show, but I insist that no one repeat that I play with inflatable toys

  10. The only plus side was when they scanned the crowd no one was even paying attention to this train wreck.

  11. I just so tired of the liberal freaks. Gotta stop even clicking on their degeneracy, because it encourages them.

  12. Some of the yt comments were laugh out loud funny.

    She’s “A New Orleans based, one of a kind One-Woman Band!” NOLA needs some export legislation. She’s not a good representative.

  13. @Groucho

    BFH is deserving of punishment for bringing this creature to our attention, and I briefly pondered ordering that DVD and sending it to him.

    But nobody is deserving of that much punishment, not even Fur (you bastard!) and the divine performer will not see my precious $9.99.

  14. I come in here daily- I read the comments-laugh at most-agree with some and am disgusted with the language of a few. BUT I never click and open any browser. I don’t need that extra stress in my life. So you folks deal with it and ill see what you have to say and then ill laugh or cry or be further disgusted— see ya—im just pass’n thru anyway. 🙂

  15. it has 1500 up votes? What the hell is wrong with people? If she did this in front of my children she would find herself unplugged.

  16. All that’s missing is the giant bag of Cheetos and a Brawndo vegetable garden.

    It’s got electrolytes.

  17. What happens at that children’s party, stays at that children’s party.

    Because she never makes it home and no one ever talks about her again.

  18. She’d be perfect for a court-ordered, mandatory Sunday afternoon performance on the front yard of the elderly grass-less couple. It makes perfect prog sense! ….Lady in Red

  19. Um… if a man did this then I believe that it’d have more attention.
    A common misconception is that since it’s a woman she can’t be a predator.

  20. It’s probably a darn good thing I was born when I was. If I had children today I’d probably be in jail. I would have beat someone to an inch of their life if they had played a song like that in front of my kids, much less the nasty movements by a nasty old woman who can’t dance.

  21. I often say that the socalled dancers on various fictional programs can’t really dance. That they are just girls wiggling around. But that creature can’t do anything. Not appealing in any way to anyone I bet. I agree with those who said something bad would have happened if anyone sang those lyrics to my kids…

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