Glenn Beck “Donald Trump is a guy who can economically fix our country” – IOTW Report

Glenn Beck “Donald Trump is a guy who can economically fix our country”

Glenn Beck’s own words; “Donald Trump, here’s a guy who I really respect. Here’s a guy who gets things done in New York. You want to have somebody fix our country? Donald Trump is a guy who can economically fix our country.”

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52 Comments on Glenn Beck “Donald Trump is a guy who can economically fix our country”

  1. That doesn’t make any sense at all. You know Glenn Beck is trying to be Cruz’s Kingmaker, right? He did a mock swearing-in with Cruz. No doubt Beck has gone insane, but he’s right about Trump knowing about the business of America, the quintessential capitalist (versus socialist) economics that has given the world something never before seen — the middle class, and that Trump is the only true outsider (not taking special interest money and not hooked up to a political machine) we’ve ever seen in modern times.

    I think I’ll take an educated risk with Trump instead of expecting a real, lasting transformation back to American values with a candidate who has been endorsed by Kingmaker Glenn Beck.

  2. Just quoting the article headline and what Beck says in the video.
    I guess it was posted to have us not believe what Beck said, right?

    BTW, Trump is still my second choice for the F-you GOPe vote.

    Glenn Beck “Donald Trump is a guy who can economically fix our country”

  3. Trump is an FU America vote. The guy has been solidly pro gun control and Obamacare. Any chance you could find another way to say fu to the GOP? Possibly one that doesn’t put a big government progressive in the WH?

  4. I no longer trust Glenn ever since he did the teddy bear give-away to the illegals. He’s crowing for Cruz to get back his Conservative base which has been leaving him in droves. Go Trump!

  5. OF COURSE he has debts, you fool.
    Haven’t you bothered to see his financial disclosure?!
    It’s even published in the back of his book.

    His gross worth: +/- $10billion
    His debts: +/- $2 billion
    His NET worth: +/- $8billion


  6. God chose things the world considers foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise. And he chose things that are powerless to shame those who are powerful. 1 Corinthians 1:27 NLT

  7. Getting a little tired of Beck trying to pick our candidates for us. I have a mind and can think for myself. Don’t let your anger toward Obama make you elect a liberal progressive. We need a conservative and Trump ain’t one

  8. Honey, don’t. Trump has already addressed those ‘charges’. And we all know he skipped the debate because he caught wind of the Faux News setup. Pls.

  9. Trump is afraid of a girl? So he’s going to hide every time he’s challenged? I don’t see a coward ‘Making America Great Again’ Do You?

  10. I used to listen to Beck, but his one-trick pony is outta gas and he’s off his meds. I don’t frankly care who he’s for. I make my own decisions.

  11. Faux and Google had some debate questions lined up by YouTube ‘stars’ that they were going to ask Trump, the people who helped compose them included, giant ass pro Muslim rights activist, an illegal immigrant ‘girl’ who suspiciously looked like a transvestite (could be she was just ugly and conveniently had a trans name), and some dude who reviews electronic components. And that wasn’t even the main reason The Donald skipped, Roger Ailes and the rest of Faux sent out a shady, disrespectful press release and Trump had had enough. If you’re going to be foolish enough to take Megyn Kelly on her word, then that’s your mistake. Don’t spread nonsense around here.

  12. True, but I’m PRETTY sure mrpinko posted this to show Beck’s hypocrisy. I have no idea why the Cruzbots (read: ignorant self righteous people), are out and shaming Becky Weckems. He’s supporting their loser candidate after all. :b

  13. There’s no head of the Tea Party – that endorsement means shit. I’m a member and Jenny Beth does not represent my vote – nor does she represent other Tea Partier’s votes.

  14. None of the other candidates had a problem answering the questions, as a matter of fact they all answered the questions very well.

  15. @ the self righteous don’t inherit the earth
    “True, but I’m PRETTY sure mrpinko posted this to show Beck’s hypocrisy.”


  16. Why it wasn’t apparent to others, I have no idea. How do you survive being on here? (especially when it seems as through others misconstrued what you were trying to say).

  17. …have you eaten your hat yet? ….
    over the Palin endorsement? … (in case anyone forgot)

    Oakey already ducked out

  18. Trump doesn’t need to get out of the race and he doesn’t need to cowtow to the corrupted media machine. Our election cycles have become so contrived and messy, that people ACTUALLY think that the news networks, entertainment industry and those in the professional political class are ALLOWED to manipulate, disrespect and dissect candidates and the American people. Hah. They don’t own us, we’re supposed to be the ones owning and controlling by our actions; there shouldn’t even be a RULING class either, and yet there is. Trump showed that we don’t have to do what THEY say. He made a lot of people realize that we don’t need to feel obligated to do something, just because we might be publicly shamed or shunned. The bullies who run these elections are mad as hell because the American people are waking up and taking notice. Decades of hard work, conditioning, all of it is at stake and the reality of we the People putting a stop to it is scaring the shit out of them. Wake up and stay that way.

  19. Trump will be Obama with more attitude. Trump is saying all the right things but believes none of it just like obama was campaigning to be the guy for everyone.

  20. Conservatives said “all the right things” and DID THE OPPOSITE – FUNDED OBAMA!
    That’s why Trump leads. The GOP SUCKS!

  21. The only question is… is is his mormonism, or is it his messiah complex speaking?

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