Glenn Beck Storms Off Camera During CNN Interview — ‘You Want To Play Those Games?’

Glenn Beck stormed out of a Sunday morning interview with host Brian Stelter on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” following a question about the future of his media empire.

“Have a nice day,” the radio host said, as he cut the interview short.


26 Comments on Glenn Beck Storms Off Camera During CNN Interview — ‘You Want To Play Those Games?’

  1. Beck brought it all on himself. He betrayed his followers by welcoming illegals with soccer balls and teddy bears (as did Ted Cruz) and then ridiculing them for supporting Trump’s position of prioritizing Americans over illegals and foreign nations (as did Cruz).

    Cruz is fighting for his political life in what should be a safe Texas seat and Beck is watching his once promising media empire implode. Beck only recently got on the Trump train – Cruz realized his error months ago but is still suspect.

    Can’t imagine things will turn out much differently for the hate filled, bigoted Democrat hypocrites.

  2. All these idiots share the same flaw in their thinking, they focus on Trumps personality instead of his policies.
    Serves them all right!

  3. I learned a lot about Soros, Jarrett, and other dark figures tied to the left back in his Fox 5:00 show with chalkboard lectures. I used to listen on radio. I even bought his book on Washington at a local book signing event. He was scribbling signatures in books with left hand while handshaking with right.
    He just seemed to go nuts with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  4. becks crime was his quest for real truth.

    once he saw the truth in trump he came on board.

    at least he recognized it.

    you will not be allowed to compete with the mainstream media propaganda.

  5. Beck is so desperate for air time he gambled on a serious conversation with that little insect. If he has no more sense than he’s showed the last couple years then it’s no wonder his empire is crumbling.

  6. Ever seen two trannies get in a fight? It’s actually much more brutal than these two drama queens.

    The ones I saw were going after each other with their cigarettes like stilettos. The knife, not the heel. And that was just the warmup.

  7. He lost it when he was claiming the Canadian born Cuban Cruz was born for the job of President and even staged a mock swearing in of President Cruz.
    The Constitutional scholar Levin also was for the Canadian Cuban.

  8. Beck bet on Hillary. He did all he could to defeat Trump. Beck lost. He believed the polls and went with the cool kids. He has no compass. He is a sell out.
    Buck Feck

  9. He appeared on the Samantha Bee show Full Frontal, that’s when I knew for sure he went full mental.

  10. Beck was on board the crazy train even before Donald Trump announced his candidacy. During 2016, Beck should have been institutionalized. A few days ago, Drudge linked to a story about the Beck empire teetering on bankruptcy ; fewer than 50 employees, morale at an all time low, etc. how he tried to reinvent himself several times. Stick a fork in him, he’s done.

  11. Beck has all the stability of a rusty bike with broken training wheels…
    And he also looks like mormon colonel sanders now.
    (I still feel like kicking myself in the pants for listening to him and believing him so much when he was on Faux. Ugh.)

  12. Glenn Beck the Never Trumper has the Trump curse. The Trump curse visits all of those who either hate him, want him killed, or brought down. They’re being loaded up on the death carts – death to themselves, death to their ability to make money, and death to being happy. Who will be next, Tom Arnold? Maxine Waters? ______________ fill in the blank.

  13. What was the movie with the guy and the river raft with a Union flag on one side and the American flag on the other? And he would fly whichever flag depend on which way he was going?

    That’s Beck.

  14. @chuffed-beyond-words: I quit listening to Glenn Beck when he started balling his eyes out on TV. That was it for me and never listened to anything he had to say. I knew he had a screw loose.

  15. Say what you may about Cruz but he got on the same page to deliver Wisconsin and has been part of the solution ever since.

    I’d take him over Corker or Alexander any day.

    Maybe Beto O’Rourke will support Trump’s judicial picks more.

  16. He recorded himself losing his shit after hemorrhoid surgery, posted it on YT.

    Always been unstable. Why, oh why do people follow personality cults and psychopaths.

  17. Beck has the emotional instability of a 12 year old girl. After his “empire” implodes, he’ll probably still be on a radio station begging for money to start his Empire 2.0. What a narcissistic loon.

  18. Conservative radio talk show host Glenn Beck had nothing but praise for the Obamas in a recent interview with The New Yorker, saying the president was not the bogeyman he made him out to be all these years.

    “I did a lot of freaking out about Barack Obama,” Mr. Beck said.

    But, he added: “Obama made me a better man.”

    Mr. Beck said he regretted painting Mr. Obama as a racist and actually now considers himself a Black Lives Matter supporter.


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