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Glenn Greenwald Resigns From Site He Co-Founded, Citing Journalistic Malpractice


Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald announced Thursday that he has resign from The Intercept, the online news publication he co-founded in 2014, accusing editors of refusing the publish his latest article unless all parts critical of Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden were removed.

Greenwald’s resignation comes after the journalist slammed the establishment media’s “cone of silence” around its lack of reporting on Hunter Biden and allegations of corruption tied to his business dealings abroad.

“Is there a single journalist willing to say with a straight face they believe the emails relating to the Bidens are either fabricated or otherwise fraudulently altered, but the Bidens just aren’t saying so?,” Greenwald wrote on Twitter last week.


16 Comments on Glenn Greenwald Resigns From Site He Co-Founded, Citing Journalistic Malpractice

  1. The only honest journalists are also the only marginalized journalists.

  2. They must be in a big hurry (or understaffed with proofreaders) over there at Breitbart.

  3. The last few days I have been immersing myself in all things Snowden/Greenwald/Wikileaks/Julian Assange (my gym is still closed and Netflix is dead to me). It is amazing to see the 180 the news outlets did WRT the way they ran the Snowden story with that of Hunter Biden now. CNN actually covered Greenwald and The Guardian’s series of pieces on Snowden and his revelations about massive spying on Americans, the secret PRISM/TEMPORA protocols, and the lying done in front of Congress when our so-called Intelligence chiefs played dumb about the whole sordid affair. Obama was the president and all these unsavory shenanigans were conducted on his watch, yet the press actually did their job and reported it. Absolutely astounding when we observe the virtual blackout now with all things unflattering to Biden being suppressed.

  4. “There has to be some limits to your willingness to go to bat for them,”

    For most of them, there aren’t.

  5. Crowds of citizens shouting him down and the President loudly proclaiming the criminality in public, is the best we can do for now.

    Perhaps organized protests in the form of mass emailing, picketing news properties, demanding they do their jobs or suffer huge consequences for ELECTION FRAUD– which is a felony, isn’t it???—- if they finally get around to the story AFTER the election, no matter who wins, they still have affected the election AND SHOULD BE PROSECUTED !!!!!!

    IDGAS what they ‘learned’ in their journalism studies at the indoctrination centers they were graduated from, there should be consequences for being ENEMIES TO THE PUBLIC GOOD.

    If not, then guillotines are appropriate.

  6. Um, journalistic malpractice has been going on for 40 years or more. Really 50 + with Cronkite bullshitting about the Tet offensive. He just now noticed it?

  7. I would say journalism has been bullshit since the Spanish American war.

  8. Did true journalism ever exist in America?If so, when?

  9. Journalism has always been biased. It’s just now that there is no real competition on TV and in newspapers that it is really noticeable. When there was a democrat newspaper and a republican newspaper in town, everyone knew which one to read to get the dirt on the other party. Once TV took over, it was harder to see the bias and it wasn’t quite as strong. The people on TV were actual journalists who reported the news. They weren’t picked because of their looks (Chet Huntley?) nor for their victim group bona fides. We sort of noticed, but how could we tell? Once the internet came around and alternate news was available, it all broke open for the world to see. They lied about it at first, but now don’t care that you can see their biases. I am curious what the “news” world will look like in 20 years. What’s happening now can’t go on much longer.

  10. Greenwald started as another obnoxious liberal. Change of heart, or chasing the bucks? Not my first choice for news.

  11. The two biggest things I see missing in ‘American Journalism’ is a lack of education and a loss of morals.

    Having a price that you are willing to sell yourself for, being held to blackmail and having a serious lack of patriotism all comes under ‘morals’.

    Being stupid enough to side with liberal commies comes under a serious lack of education.

  12. Of course we weren’t around in Lincoln’s days, but we can read history. Journalism back then is the same as it is today. They hated Lincoln, they hate Trump. They smeared Lincoln just like they smear Trump. They can write laws, they can smear and tell lies, but the one thing they can’t change is human nature. The civil war came out of Lincoln’s election, and I predict a civil war out of Trumps reelection. It will be far worse than the Lincoln’s civil war. More people, bullets and guns, whatever it takes to keep our freedoms, and a capitalistic society. Do not let the commies win!

  13. ANON

    Maybe the worst lie in poliltics was Jeff calling Adams a “Torry”

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