Glenn Simpson To Take the 5th Before Congress Today

Lawyers for Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson have declared the intention of their client to invoke his 5th Amendment right not to self-incriminate when he appears before congress today.


Given the post election contingency plan, concocted by the Obama White House to use government intelligence officials to discredit candidate Donald Trump after Hillary Clinton’s expected victory in 2016, it would seem Simpson is protecting more than just himself. More

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  1. The more I watch Trump, the more I’m convinced that he is an absolute genius when it comes to knowing the exact, perfect moment to do something……I suspect that the documents will be declassified by him at just the right moment before the Midterms.

  2. He’s the Tar Baby President. His enemies fling themselves against him but they get all tangled up.

    It’s crazy.

  3. I’ll throw this out there too in the way of analogies. Lee Atwater said professional wrestling was closest comparison to politics. A good guy vs a bad guy. Everyone plays their role or to archetype. The Referee is for show. The audience needs entertainment.

    Trump is literally in the WWE Hall of Fame. He can step into the squared circle while the rest of the poindexters are shuffling their 3 x 5 cards.

  4. @Dr. Tar–Felonia might have been paying for Simpson’s work, but my bet is that obongo, Rice, Valjar, Rhodes and Psaki were assisting him with intel info that Nellie couldn’t access–or request, like the names unmasked.
    My gut is that President Valjar was quarterbacking it for Purple Lips.

  5. Make him take the 5th on each question they would like to ask especially if the question itself is leading. For example “Are you aware of the connection between Hillary Clinton and the creation of the fake dossier used to gain approval of wiretaps on the President?”. Probably not a good example but I expect that the Senators could phrase it better. As I understand the 5th he has to take it on all his questions and cherry-pick the ones he doesn’t want.


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