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Glenn: THIS part of Paul Pelosi’s attack ‘doesn’t make sense’

More information from the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, has been released, including a statement given by the attacker, David DePape. In this clip, Glenn details his affidavit, plus one part of DePape’s story that Glenn says ‘doesn’t make sense.’

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  1. Well, it sounds like the FBI and Cap Police did their jobs, and got all those involved to get their stories aligned. DePape will beat the rap, and retire a rich man.

  2. What doesn’t make sense?

    The Slippery Lubed up “Hammer” that both had their hands on while one was in his undies & the other went to the Can to Pre-Douche his dirt pipe for a “Fun & Sexy Time” as Borat would say?

  3. The only thing that makes sense is that PP hired a gay prostitute, he was brought into the house with the knowledge of security, and for some reason it went south. Now everyone is trying to cover up the real reason.

  4. The cameras would reveal Paul Pelosi yelling “Put the hammer down, that’s not the kind of pounding I hired you for.”

  5. Pelosi wanted the handle, DePape wanted to give him the claw.
    Might have been a ball-peen hammer and Pelosi wanted the handle and DePape wanted to peen Pelosi’s balls.

    One thing I know for certain about this is that we will never, ever, know what really happened. It will be filed along with the Roswell incident, the JFK assassination and based on recent revelations, what happened to Seth Rich.

  6. That gut was supposed to hurt PP, not try to kill him, and then leave quickly. All for sympathy prior to PP trial. Deranged leftist couldn’t keep to the script.

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