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Global cooling descends on Kansas City

Liberty Loft:

Unlike the rest of the word, here in the Show-Me State we are inclined to ask questions before voluntarily abandoning our cars, surrendering our farms and wrecking our economy.

Question 1: Is our world really growing warmer? If so, show us the data, the real data, not the computer projections, not the CO2 index, not the tales of heat spells in Sri Lanka or Shangri-La, but the data that matters, the temperatures close to home that we can verify.

Here is what we know. In the past 10 years, Kansas City has not had a day that exceeded 100 degrees. This summer, a warm one, we had three days that reached 100 degrees, but with an average high of 90 in July and 89 in August, 100 is not an aberration.

In seven of the eight previous years, the temperature never even reached 100. In 2020, the recorded high was 94. In the 100 years previous, only one year had a lower high temperature, and that was 93 in 1992.

To understand what heat can be like in Kansas City, it pays to revisit the 1930s. The hottest day in Kansas City history was Aug. 14, 1936. That day the temperature reached 113 degrees, and the locals barely noticed.

Aug. 14 fell in the midst of a 16-day streak of 100-plus days in a summer that produced a literally staggering 53 days in excess of 100 degrees. At the time, according to the local newspapers, the doctors’ “cardinal rule on combating the heat [was] to forget it, remain detached.” more here

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  1. The “green economy” is the mechanism for achieving the true ends of the global climate cult: mass murder. They want to trigger global famine. They want 90% of the global population gone by 2050 by triggering global famine via oppressive, totalitarian, autocratic fiat. And the jet-setting, yacht riding Davos crowd motherfuckers who serve as high priests of this latest satanic religion want to get richer while they’re murdering most of the planet. They’ve brainwashed the youth of the West to be their foot soldiers, and these poor dumb kids are so ignorant and deluded that they don’t get that they are part of the 90% slated for annihilation.

    The problem with the plan is that these globalist assholes are so warped in their own self image that they don’t realize how much they depend on the very people they’re trying to wipe out. They don’t know how to build anything. They don’t know how to maintain anything. Most of them are old money, drug-addled, worthless assholes literally born with fat bank accounts at their disposal and a legion of lawyers and accountants to protect them from blowing it all.

  2. There is absolutely nothing whatsoever that is legitimate about Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming or Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change or any of the rest of the bullshit that emanates from the same bullshitters.

  3. What else is new, when it’s Summer in August it’s almost always hotter than hell. We’ve had lots of 90 + degree days lately in Eastern Washington and it is too warm at times, but Fall is only a month away and the long days are starting to get a little shorter and it will cool off shortly and then we will gripe about the cold and snow when Winter comes. In other words, everything is as it should be with our four seasons and there is no reason for panic or alarm listening to the greenies cry wolf about globull warming every year.

  4. @The Mule

    I think your analysis is on the mark. A few months ago when it dawned on me that the goal of the WEF and our own crooked politicians is the elimination of masses of people, it sent a chill down my spine. I have no solid evidence; I came to this conclusion by connecting the dots and reading between the lines.

    The end result, if they are not stopped, will be the WWII Holocaust x 10,000.

  5. @Tim Buktu…

    It’s more like Holodomor II… The Soviets confiscated all the crops from the Kulaks and then salted their fields. In left wing logic, the resulting mass deaths via starvation were not the fault of the Soviet Union because they didn’t directly kill anyone. If they were hungry, they should’ve just gone to the corner restaurant and bought a meal.

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  7. @ TheMule AUGUST 18, 2022 AT 11:12 AM

    Todd Herman does the best job of presenting that case that I am aware of and in a fashion he does so by tying everything they are doing together and lets listeners come to their own conclusions.

    He was Rush’s hand selected fill in during Rush’s last days and IMHO for a reason. He ain’t the perfect podcaster or talk show host, but who is? I find value in listening to his podcasts.


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