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Gloria Allred Sues Reality

If a store notices that a product is getting shoplifted over and over and over again, is it wrong to protect that product behind lock and key?

According to Gloria Allred, and her client, yes.

Is this product “spray paint”?

Spray paint has been under lock and key for the longest time, because kids steal it for creating graffiti.

Nope. It’s beauty products that cater to the black community.

What is Walmart to do if these particular items keep finding their way out the door without being paid for? (I say, discontinue the product line. Walmart is not compelled to carry anything in particular. That would be an even more severe penalty than having to ask someone to open the locked case.)

A leftist could say, “lots of stuff is shoplifted from stores, singling out this product is racist!”

Well, a statistician could say, “the fact that we can track a specific shoplifted product back to a certain demographic makes one wonder if that demographic is responsible for most of the shoplifting throughout the store.”

The black products act as an experimental control, to a degree. Compare the theft rate of black products against, I dunno, suntan lotion, and see if the theft rate is anywhere close.

Reality is harsh. Science is mean. Math is racist.


ht/ FDR in Hell


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  1. Worked for a grocery chain and we had a store in Selma, Al. Shoplifters were prosecuted…….many of them. Mayor called company owner and warned him that his courts would no longer prosecute shoplifters. Owner closed store……….never reopened.

  2. That’s on the of the main reasons the Colonies came together and created a Constitution

    Just not enough theft and vandalism going on. More legal loopholes needed for thieves and vandals

  3. Remember the Ball kid busted in China. His daddy said he didn’t see what the hubbub was all about…shoplifting wasn’t really a crime…after all, the stores all have insurance.

  4. It’s also one of the reasons businesses flee the inner city. Not enough losses due to theft and vandalism; also not enough customers due to a lack of violent crime

  5. Yes, Mr. Ball, the stores have “insurance”. A special policy called “Raise all our prices to make up for shoplifting losses”.

  6. Man, why do I always have to help these stupid thieves. Just search the parking lots/garbage cans for receipts. Then steal an item on the receipt and take it back with receipt. Then steal as much hair care as you want with actual money. In fact, black thieves are now encouraged to do so because Wal-Mart is racist, so the cause is justifiable, right? Start thieving in broad daylight because it’s the right thing to do!!!! Stupid thieves.
    Yes, I’m now racist because I called thieves stupid after blacks are pissed their shit is locked down due to thieving.

  7. What about pseudoephedrine – we all have to be inconvenienced and bring a shelf card to a pharmacist and show an ID for a non prescription drug. Same with nail polish remover at CVS. Items that get stolen and can be used to make other illegal items get restricted. They will just not carry the product at all.

  8. I had to show an ID, sign a waiver, and have the transaction documented with the state for buying a liter of hydrochloric acid from Menard’s just to clean my house!!

  9. That lawyer is in everything, need to be in jail, and for that woman she is trying to get money from Walmart she is out of luck. Maybe she needs to put her own business and stop complaining about it ghetto never satisfied.

  10. Simple answer. Sell it on consignment. If it’s paid for then the manufacturer gets their cut, if it’s stolen then they get nothing. Walmart applies it’s usual anti-theft rules and Allred can go screw a pig (assuming she finds a pig with taste so low as to find Allred preferable to say, being made into bacon and she’d still have a tough time).

  11. So, make sure all stores are set up for shop-lifting.

    Then when the stores leave because of extreme loses and then all employees are out of work, go ahead and protest that there are no jobs and no places to get good food etc.

    Seems like a plan. Bad plan, but a plan nonetheless.

    Ya gotta live it…….

  12. go to any wine/beer/liquor warehouse market & you’ll find the Hennessey & Courvoisier behind lock & key, while the Dom Perignon is kept in accessible humidors & the Glen Moray, Glenlivet & Lagavulin sit on the shelf

    … wonder why?

  13. Hey, I canst gets a can a spray paint wiff out showing ID.
    Dey speck a 60 year old cracka gone start tagging buildings and buses?
    Dat’s cold.

  14. The creature said the African-American product in question was a 49-cent comb that was so good she wanted to introduce it to her children. Have you ever heard of an African-American-specific 49-cent comb (not an afro pick)? And she “got” one (not paid for one) at another store and they were out so she drove to a second Wal-Mart — because it was such a FINE 49-cent comb.

    A real judge would throw this out and slap Gloria Allred so hard her neck flab would wrap twice around her head.

  15. Went to get a Wi-Fi-enabled SD card for my camera,took 20 min. to find someone to unlock the case.I bitched about waiting but I’m not suing.

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