Gloria Steinem’s Plastic Surgery Hypocrisy

The ability of feminists like Steinem to look at modern American culture and pretend that they have had nothing to do with its faults never ceases to amaze me.


Acculturated: Gloria Steinem went to Florida recently and she was pretty upset by what she saw. “The degree to which plastic surgery has taken over is frightening,” the feminist icon toldPeople magazine. “People would look so much better without it! To look out at these hundreds and hundreds of faces with hair extensions and false lips and false breasts — it made me want to cry.”  More

19 Comments on Gloria Steinem’s Plastic Surgery Hypocrisy

  1. Plastic surgery cannot not enhance or mask the murdering of the unborn or the black heart she possesses, nothing can.
    This poor excuse for a woman is evil and “that” is what she will always be remembered as.

  2. Yeah, and while she’s clowning other women for cosmetic enhancements, I notice she uses hair dye and makeup.

    As for the fake boobs issue. Don’t judge a woman by her boobs unless she told you they are fake, or you noticed them being A cup one month and a DD cup the next. And even then, so what?

    If she was ‘visiting’ Florida, she’s making judgements on women she has never met and doesn’t know anything about their situation. Some of those women could have had mastectomies and maybe they wanted bigger boobs. Are you paying for them, Gloria? No? Then kindly shut your slit.

    And if she has met these women she’s judging, and they are her friends, then she’s a two-faced bitch.

  3. MJA, I noticed the hair also. No way is that color “natural.” But still, she doesn’t care about her looks. Swearsies!

  4. My friend who had a double mastectomy wears a t-shirt that says:

    Yes they’re fake,
    the real ones were killing me!

  5. From Rush Limbaugh’s undeniable truths “The feminist movement was created to allow ugly women access to the mainstream of society.” She is just jealous that her side has decided to go ugly all the way around instead of trying to put their best self out there. Also why does it matter?! Cosmetic surgery, botox, hair extensions and makeup are one of the last things not subsidized by the government. What will be first – ugliness as a disability or subsidized boob jobs?!

  6. LOL @TonyR – MJA – next time you do a post about Steinum, you should post a pic of Ozzy. No one would know the difference.

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