GM Confirms Plans to Invest $300 Million in Michigan Plant

Epoch Times:

General Motors Co confirmed on March 22 it will invest $300 million in a suburban Detroit assembly plant, adding 400 jobs to its workforce to build a new Chevrolet electric vehicle.

The largest U.S. automaker has come under heavy criticism from President Donald Trump in recent days over its decision to end production at its Lordstown, Ohio, assembly plant earlier this month.

GM officials said the announcement was planned well before Trump’s series of GM tweets that started on March 16. Trump called GM CEO Mary Barra on March 17 to urge her to reverse the decision to end production at the Ohio plant. He then proceeded to slam the company in a speech in Ohio on March 20.

Barra, speaking to reporters after an event at the plant in Orion Township, outside Detroit, with Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) announcing the investment, said GM is focused on ensuring that all of the hourly workers at Lordstown find new jobs at other plants but she has shown no indication it will reverse course and reopen the Lordstown plant.

She declined to say if she thought there was more tension between GM and Trump.

“We want to create jobs, good paying jobs,” Barra said, saying her talks with Trump had a “business focus.” She said GM needs to remain “strong” in order to continue to add jobs. more here

6 Comments on GM Confirms Plans to Invest $300 Million in Michigan Plant

  1. Just a coincidence, but when Trump won MI in ’16, we had an R governor. Now, just 4 months ago, my neighbors (et al) voted for another Communist-D as guv. Michigan can’t seem to learn–unions destroyed us before and will again. Oy. Right-to-work won’t succeed in the auto industry.

  2. Gm remains “Government Motors”.
    They lost my business during the Bush and Obama era of big socialist government.

    So nothing at the Lordstown, Ohio Assembly plant? Thanks GM.

  3. Bara declared that consumers are going away from cars, but that GM is building electric / toxic cars to fill a void. Winnie The Xi’s money has obviously been deposited. How long until “The Beast” is no longer a Cadiwack?

  4. What? They’re going to build a BIG BOLT for the people who weren’t interested in the compact BOLT?

    How about an electric Corvette? Call it the plug-in “Corvette D.C. Dick”

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