‘Go die in the fire’: Asst. professor charged with campaign of online terror against 3 fire fighters and a student

BPR: The superintendent of the Flagstaff Interagency Hotshot Crew received an email in September from a woman detailing disturbing allegations against members of an elite corp of firefighters deployed by the Forest Service and National Park Service to battle wildfires.

The troubling email came the same day the Flagstaff crew was alerted to assist with the Soberanes Fire, in Monterey County, California, The Washington Post reported.

“I am disgusted by the behavior of your hotshot crew when they passed through my town,” the email stated, according to The Post. “Several weeks ago your guys were on the way to a fire in Wyoming.


“I intercepted messages between your crew members and my UNDERAGE 15 year old daughter. She won’t tell me which website they met on but I did read that they invited her back to their hotel, gave her alcohol and had sex with her. This is statutory rape and I want these men charged.”

Needless to say, the elite crew was not dispatched to assist with the fire that burned 57 homes and killed a bulldozer operator.

But it turns out the allegation was a false complaint and the woman, Cathy McCarthy, didn’t exist, according to Sophia Fong, a special agent with the U.S. Forest Service.

Even more troubling, according to a criminal affidavit filed, “both the name and email were part of a bizarre skein of threats, fake names and social media accounts allegedly controlled by Melissa Ann Santana, a married, 36-year-old on the interior-design faculty at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Ariz.,” The Post reported.  read more

39 Comments on ‘Go die in the fire’: Asst. professor charged with campaign of online terror against 3 fire fighters and a student

  1. Another lying left wing cunt. These people are a cancer on our culture. They simple cannot stop lying and committing hoax crimes.

  2. If the people who want Judge Roy Moore to step down have there way these firefighters would be the ones going to jail.

    Hey Feminists! Every false charge of sexual impropriety makes true charges less believable!

  3. Feminism: making Sharia’s misogyny sound a little more reasonable every day.

    No women voting.
    No women lawyers, judges or jurors.
    No women online.
    No women in journalism, law enforcement, Politics, teaching or Government.
    In fact, no women allowed beyond the front door.

  4. Reading that made my eyes water! She is one very ill animal and, damn, but I am just really pretty sure she’s not a Trump supporter.
    …Lady in Red

  5. Begs the question: should interior design be taught at a University?!

    She could’ve been employed at JoAnn Fabrics, IF she hadn’t tainted her resume.

  6. Shut down the internet.

    Shut down cell phone infrastructure.

    Disable long distance fiber optic links.

    Turn off satellite communications.

    Your outlook on life will improve, you’ll engage more with the people around you (the only ones that actually matter), a whole shitload of useless fucks that do nothing but stir shit will starve, and it will force Big Fur Hat to come visit me to use my amateur radio station to talk to Bad Brad.

    Then we’ll drink bourbon and laugh about the millennials that committed suicide when their smartphones went inert.

  7. I begin to wonder if the covert goal of destructive 3rd Wave Feminism is actually to provoke a backlash counter-reaction to intentionally prepare the way for Sharia restrictions against women as citizens of the larger society.
    Cloward-Piven tactics applied against democratic Women’s Rights.

  8. Paying to study interior design at a university? Are you shittin’ me? Who’s that stupid? If a lowfo, low achiever, low self esteem libtard wants to learn about interior designs, just hang out with fags for awhile. Or am I thinking of interior decorating?


    I interfered in a few scuffles involving couples, and have decided: WOMEN GET BEAT BECAUSE SOMETIMES WOMEN NEED TO GET BEAT.

    I wouldn’t be saying that if the women were appreciative, but they were just as nasty to me as they were the guy who was beating and shoving them around. WELL SCREW YOU THEN!

    The clown in this article basically reinforces that notion. You run your mouth, fight your own battles ladies. I ain’t going to risk getting hurt for your dumb-butt.


    Let me guess: Are you Sunni or Shia?

    Hard to tell without another hint.


  11. This is how Cultures die.
    And why destroying Marriage is so important to The Left.

    Cheating married wife on TINDER finds cheating married men looking for hookups.

    When “just friends for daytime fun” does not tutn into a tall gorgeous millionaire Tony Stark/Mr. Perfect who falls madly in love and sweeps her away to live happily ever after, she reverts to Insane Bitch from Hell.

    I feel sorry for her poor cuck of a husband.

    Probably he’s on TINDER too.


    Oh mercy…. been telling you for years, Flagstaff sucks.


  13. In these times it should be obvious to EVERYONE that when you’re doing something wrong in your life — no matter what or who it is — it’s a near guarantee it’s going to end badly.

    (As Joe Dan would say): To wit: “…is suspected of posting a vile message on the Instagram account of the wife of another (married) man she met online…”

    It takes two to tango, guys.

    Take a deep breath, pray, and resist the temptation.

  14. Not too far off topic, go see ‘Only the Brave’ if you get a chance. Pretty good flick about the Granite Mountain hotshots from Prescott.

  15. I lived in Prescott Valley, Northern AZ when those hotshots were killed, it was horrible, I met a young man who said he was called up, he was so excited. (He wasn’t one of the ones who died, I looked through their pics to be sure.)

    This story has NOTHING to do with feminism, or politics (though she probably IS a progtard) this woman is batcrap certifiably crazy. It’s as simple as that. Sounds like serial killer material to me.

  16. I have family members that are, or have been Hot Shots. Beleive me when I tell you they have absolutely zero alone time while on a fire. This story should have immediately discounted. Especially by the damn Forrest Service. As for the Libtard, burn down her house.

  17. This is as bad as SWATing.

    She needs to be charged, tried, found guilty, imprisoned for the loss of the bulldozer operator’s life, and fined millions for the loss of the homes. If it wasn’t for her asshattery, the fire crew would have been where they were supposed to be, on the front lines fighting the fire.

  18. Geeknerds, not bad jokes. The women molested were Libtards or they wouldn’t be hanging around assholes in the first place.

  19. who woulda believed that a red-head you hook up with online to cheat on her husband would be crazy? what is the world coming to?


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