Go for the bigggggggggg lie, Barack

When you’re a liar, why pussyfoot around? Why tell little lies, go for the whopper.


When speaking about achievements during his presidency, Obama said health care costs were “rising at the slowest rate in 50 years.”

There’s just one problem….it is a complete and blatant lie.

DC- The cost of medicine, doctor appointments and health insurance rose the most in August of 2016 than any other time since 1984.

The average family health care plan is projected to grow this year at a faster rate than wages, the Kaiser Family Foundation reports.

And it gets worse…because Obama’s own forecasters have already predicted 2017 will break even that record

Obama has left America with a healthcare disaster — by design. It was supposed to fail, so that Hillary could enact a single-payer fully-Socialist plan.


10 Comments on Go for the bigggggggggg lie, Barack

  1. Lie big, lie often, lie a lot, lie all the time. I feel like we have been stuck in a Soviet Gulag for the last eight years being forced to listen to Soviet propaganda. What disturbs me is how many seemingly intelligent people bought into the lies that this liar has been spewing for his entire life. Nine more days until we are finally finished with the Liar In Chief. But it will take decades to straighten out the mess this congenital liar has burdened our country with during his Reign of Errors.

  2. obama’s only 55 years old.

    I believe we will be subjected to the msm broadcasting his delusions for a long time.

    the only thing going for us right now is he smokes.

  3. they have a graph somewhere that they use to back up this “narrative” of rate-of-increase being reduced. I’ve seen it somewhere.

    It’s undoubtedly based off data so twisted it makes the climate data look legit.

  4. Just one of his many lies last night. How about this one: “By every single metric, life in america today is better than when i took office.” Or: “…race relations are better now than they have ever been in the past.” But not to worry, I am sure Politifact and Snopes will correct the record.

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