Go Not “Gentile” Into That Fascist Night


The latest Prager U video features Dinesh D’Souza reviewing the ideology of the man who first espoused “True Democracy,” or as it later came to be called, Fascism. Today’s democrats seem to be lifting Giovanni Gentile’s writings almost word for word in their rhetoric.



5 Comments on Go Not “Gentile” Into That Fascist Night

  1. Just about every college should be burned to the ground. However, in saying that I realize I should like a liberal blaming the gun for something committed with a gun, so I’ll re-phrase the statement.

    Liberal college professors should be burned to the ground.

    There, no I’ve fixed it by actually blaming the person pulling the trigger on our youth.

    Colleges are like guns. Liberal professors are like mass shooters.

  2. Note: Tried to access the Arendt book in free PDF form listed above. That Internet site was shut down on May 30, 2017. No wonder the price of the damned thing has skyrocketed! :^#

  3. On the Arendt book for anyone interested – used paperback copies are available on Amazon for as low as $7.59 or so. Sis not check book conditions that are usually listed and, as I have found, usually correct.

  4. Anyone who suggest a person should defer his identity and / or rights in favor of the state, is anti-human.

    And who is in charge of the state? Some TYRANT as usual.

    And who BENEFITS from that system? The elite party members, while everyone else suffers. Just like the great Russian famine. No party members starved to death.

    Eventually the top lives well, and the large numbers of masses suffer, until they rise up b/c it’s better to die trying to live free than live on their knees.

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