Go play outside!

Liberty News: President Trump has set his sights on getting America’s kids off the couch and onto the field. He hopes to reverse a lower participation trend, which prompted the White House to host a fun and field day on the South Lawn. The President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition, now co-chaired by Trump’s good pal, Patriot’s coach Bill Belichick, is focusing efforts on assisting economically disadvantaged children gain access to youth sports, both individual and team.

An executive order was penned and signed earlier in the year to refocus the Council’s energies away from Obama’s ‘fitness only’ regime and seek out effective ways to engage more youth in a variety of athletic disciplines.

And as usual, Trump pulled out all the stops for the day with a few heavy hitters, actor and body-builder Lou Ferrigno, beach volleyball gold medalist Misty May-Treanor, professional golfer Natalie Gulbis, former football star Herschel Walker, and a couple of former New York Yankees – Johnny Damon and Mariano Rivera.

The grounds were tricked out with stations for volleyball, track and field, baseball, flag football, soccer and of course, golf.  MORE

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  1. had all my kids & grandkids outside this Memorial Day for the annual Molon Labe get-together … know what the vast majority were doing? … burying their noses in their dumb-phones!
    … some were actually taking pics to send out to the fartpoot buddies … on the bright side, a few of them played ping-pong

    that’s what today’s kids do outdoors … “this is no fun… I have a bad signal!”

  2. If we were smart we would have No Phone Zones so that people have to actually DO something without electronics.

  3. I’m so grateful I don’t have this problem with my boys. My oldest got his Spartan Race trifecta last year (three races, three distances…last race was over 12.000 feet elevation gain and 27.5 km)…he was 12 at the time…we had to lie about his age to allow him to participate. This year he made the grade 12 senior rugby team at school…as a starter…as a Grade 8. The school track team was practicing and called him over from rugby, asked him to run 100 M. He broke the time of the kid who won the Provincials…without using the blocks…while in rugby cleats. He intends to join the military with the goal of becoming a SF officer. My youngest loves soccer, basketball and has taught himself how to do acrobatic flips. We have had call him inside when it’s pouring rain and he’s been out too long. What’s so sad is that they are both such anomalies compared to the kids at their schools…they both have so much fun.

  4. President Trump should let Schoolmaster Lazlo be in charge of Education
    I would decrease class time by 40 percent
    The rest of the school day would be spent in organized sports like:
    Raking and Mowing the school grounds
    Painting and light maintenance
    Cleaning things
    Just kidding, there would be team sports and hiking and stuff
    Too much chair time, brings out the mischief
    A tired child is an obedient child.

  5. My oldest son is in the Army Cadets. One of the favorite games of the kids (the program includes kids from 12-18) is “Murderball” played on a hard gym floor…it’s full tackle. Kids get “rug-burn” and major bruises…and they LOVE IT. It would give most of today’s school teachers (and many parents) and absolute coronary. The program also encourages the kids to carry and use knives and lighters…no one ever gets cut or burnt…funny that. It actually gives me hope that there ARE great kids out there who get it.

  6. “In his youth, President Trump was an accomplished athlete in baseball, basketball, and football, and his prowess on the links as an adult is well known.”

    Unlike THIS, which may HURT to watch. Apologies…
    (Also a known duffer on the course).

    Hussein threw like a fairie..


    Go Met and Yankees, yes we have…. a ‘house (or ship) divided”

    Just came back from the Mess game…lost 5-1 Cubbies.


  7. Now if the President would re-focus the nation on nutrition, and get rid of the stupid food pyramid. Why is our nation so fat? Because we did what we were told and made carbs the foundation of our diets. What makes one fat? Carbs!!

  8. Tired Mom
    Are kids are fat because climbing trees could be fatal. I guess. Anyway so they tell me. I find it amazing I’m still alive.

  9. @Bad Brad…he made it to the Provincials on his marksmanship team. Wears “crossed-crowns” on his Cadet uniform (highest marksmanship badge).

  10. I’d lay a wager that DJT will make sure the sports are competitive. Kids need to learn about winning and losing! And to anyone who even mentions “participation trophies” he’ll say, “YOU’RE FIRED!”

  11. Money talks.
    My kids have been running a Kool-Aid stand already (it’s too early here).

    6 hours over 2 days, they made $47, after deducting expenses. So far this season (they will make about a thousand bucks this summer).

    Daddy ain’t gonna buy it (whatever it is). They know it’s up to them.

    Lots of people ask, “what are you saving up for?” as if that question is for the kids. Thanks for paying the kids allowance, now I don’t have to, as it should be.

  12. Brian in BC
    Keep pushing them. This cultural war won’t end with out blood shed. The left has lost it’s mind.

  13. @Brad…agreed. What I do find interesting is how some of the left’s message is so overbearing at school that more and more kids are actually realizing that what they are being taught is garbage and they are starting to speak out against it. The tide is slowly turning one conversation at a time.

  14. @Brian, yep, you can sell crazy only so long, eventually even the slowest catch on.
    I think the catch up is coming.
    I can hope, eh?


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