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Go To 1-800-You-Know-The-Thing

11 Comments on Go To 1-800-You-Know-The-Thing

  1. yeah… if I’m in the middle of a disaster, the last thing I nedd is “help” from this dementeted pig-fcuker!

  2. This moron is not running anything. He’s a puppet. The worst of the Obama scum is running our country.

  3. He actually did better than when he was in the primaries and had some ridiculous flub text 30303 or whatever it was that was totally wrong as the sign in front of them showed.

  4. Hey anonymous 1761137390. Why are you posting both anti biden and Trump comments?

    Are you confused about your mom’s pictures showing up on Hunter’s laptop?

  5. @Wild Bill ~ don’t give the garbage the satisfaction of a reaction

    it only adds to the hand lube that their mom has to buy for them … much to her ever-continuing embarrassment & humiliation of having a 40-year old Uncle Fester Fedderman still sucking on her teat

  6. They need to swap Biden’s batteries too often – his confusion exponentiates the draw.

    Maybe you would have more powerful batteries if you didn’t give them to China. Then your puppet may get through a telemprompter once in a while.

    Wonder if I’ll get a purple on too…

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