Go West, Young Bureaucrat

“Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is making plans to move the headquarters of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) out of Washington, D.C., to a city in the West.” While the new location has yet to be named, Salt Lake City and Denver are reportedly high on the list as the new home for the BLM. More

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  1. Be careful, there are pockets of wild eyed radical leftists running the show distributed around the west and in places you would never suspect

  2. Yes, move it out west. It will make their HQ more accessible to protest by those of us who their boneheaded decisions affect most!

  3. As much as we could use the salaries here in Salt Lake City, I think it would be just to place the BLM headquarters in some backwater, like Ely, Delta or Richfield.

    Tooele is visually isolated from the Wasatch Front but only 30 minutes from the SLC airport, they could also utilize land at TAD South Area, which is even more isolated but only 15 or 20 minutes further.

    It will likely go to Denver, everything else has, there or somewhere along the Front Range, as Colorado has always had more political clout.

  4. If it must be a larger city then how about Grand Junction. or maybe Flagstaff. The last thing Denver needs is more people and more traffic and more emissions or more of anything

  5. I’d like them to pick a teeny, tiny town like Buffalo, WY. No hotels, no convention venues, no airport, and out in the middle of nowhere. That way, only those who REALLY want to work for the BLM will move to do so. Otherwise, everyone can convene on FaceTime or Skype.

    I applaud Zinke moving the HQ out of D.C. I hope this means the 400 or so in D.C. are heading for the exits.

  6. Burns, Oregon. Where they can cause out of control controlled burns, and get folks trying to protect their property, put in prison.

  7. AA

    The first step in decentralizing Government. A great idea.
    I second Winnemucca NV. That’s a great little town full of wrangler jeans, Resistol Hats, Tony Llama Boots, and easy rider rifle racks. My kind of peeps.

  8. Camp Verde Arizona.
    Dead center of Arizona. 3400 ft ele. mild clime, lots ‘o land and the Marshall hates the Feds.
    I should live there myself

  9. Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico would be perfect for a government office used to lying and targeting people.

  10. Will they be taking those hundreds of thousands of hollow-point ammunition they acquired during OhBEYmee’s administration?

  11. Dallas: Camp Verde is a Hidden Gem, that really isn’t hidden at all. Good Fishing -Swimming- Montezumas Castle – Motezumas Well (Amazing) and a Casino to boot ! I Love it there.


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