GOA Working to Create 2A Sanctuaries


The resistance against Joe Biden’s gun control policies is heating up. And GOA activists are helping to fan the flames.

Five states have enacted GOA-backed bills to declare their states as Second Amendment sanctuaries. They are ArizonaMontanaNorth DakotaOklahoma, and West Virginia.

This adds to the four states which already had 2A Sanctuary laws prior to this year — Alaska, Idaho, Kansas and Wyoming. Add Nebraska to this list, after Governor Pete Ricketts (R) signed a proclamation declaring the Cornhusker State to be a “Second Amendment Sanctuary.”

A few more states could join the list, including Arkansas. While Governor Asa Hutchinson (R) vetoed a strong sanctuary bill that was put on his desk last week, the legislature sent him a watered-down version which he will apparently sign. read more

5 Comments on GOA Working to Create 2A Sanctuaries

  1. Similar to the 1st Amendment’s “Congress shall make no law…” phrase, the 2nd Amendment needs similar wording. Something like:

    “…Congress and States shall make no law infringing the right of the people to keep and bear arms.”

  2. Our country was born when the British government, using the Military, tried to seize the armaments of the Colonists (who were also British themselves).

    The Brits got a different result from their actions than they expected.

    Who will the American government use, it’s going to happen, and will the results be the same?


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