God Bless Andrew Pollack, Father of Meadow Pollack, Gunned Down in School Because Our Schools Are Not Safe

Andrew Pollack set Chris Wallace straight in this clip. He correctly stated that the fix for the problem of school shootings is not to focus on the AR-15 or gun control because that misses the issue.

Polarizing it and turning it into a battle over the second amendment is infuriating to this father. He wants SCHOOL SAFETY.

He correctly stated that after 9/11, no one got on board a plane with a gun. They don’t even get on with nail clippers.

He also correctly pointed out that a judge and stenographer in a courthouse have no fear that someone is going to start shooting up the place, because no one gets in with a gun.

It seems that anyone can waltz into a school for whatever reason at any time.

THAT needs to end, and that can be done much quicker than a gun ban.



See the clip HERE

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19 Comments on God Bless Andrew Pollack, Father of Meadow Pollack, Gunned Down in School Because Our Schools Are Not Safe

  1. Chris Wallace is a mother fuc just like is fuc father. Between him and shepherd smith need to go to CNN I don’t watch him or Shepard smith the homosexual fuc.

  2. They don’t lock down schools because they just need asses in seats to collect Fed dollars. That’s it. It’s about money and the teacher’s union. That’s why they don’t care about whether kids are learning or not, or about criminal behavior or illegals infesting schools. Those kids are trained to vote in future dems who will keep the cash flowing and that’s it.

  3. Wallace is a shill.
    Andrew Pollack cut to the chase.
    It is all about school safety and there are many efforts that can be made to increase a safe environment for our children.

    I cannot fathom the grief he, his wife and all the families are experiencing.

  4. The Israelis have this school stuff and other
    terrorist/maniac threats under control.Will we learn their techniques ???
    Probably not…

  5. Let’s look at airports. In the 1960s, I went on my first flight – no security what-so-ever, just walk to the concourse and walk on the plane. But after several armed hijackings, the airports all installed metal detectors at the concourses.

    It worked. On September 11, 2001, the hijackers boarded planes and took over the aircraft using blades. The upshot was that airports broadened their security measures to ban blades and restricted concourses to passengers only among other measures. We can argue about the efficiency of the TSA, but we at least tried to harden airport security with some success.

    There are a lot of issues to be resolved with mass murders in schools and elsewhere, including gun control, mental health treatment, the breakdown of the family, lapses in police efforts, etc. But we can, and probably should harden access to schools because this is the least controversial, has really no constitutional issues, and would arguably be the most effective method of promoting school safety. School security should be the last line of defense to maniacs like Cruz, and Mr. Pollack is justifably outraged that school security has been hijacked by the anti-gun agenda.

  6. This is 50 years of bullshit.

    In 1969 the little vermin shut down our jr.high school repeatedly. It could have been stopped there….

  7. I think the best question Andrew Pollack could have asked was:

    If we banned ALL guns would they pull the metal detectors out of airports and courthouses?

    That very simply shows the lie of gun control.

  8. This was the Dad who was looking for his daughter after the shooting. There was a picture of him that went viral but the outrage was that he was wearing a “Trump” shirt. Now, you might know why he hasn’t been interviewed as much as the creepy kid, Hogg.

  9. @ MOE TOM,
    By John Wick standards, ANYTHING is an assault weapon. I can honestly state that whilst in my possession none of my rifles (nor handguns) have assaulted anyone. Even the ones with pistol grips, muzzle devices and standard capacity magazines.

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


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