‘God Bless Robert E. Lee’


On the eve of independence day and the final day of the 157th anniversary of Gettysburg, here’s Johnny Cash performing one of his lesser known songs. Listen

Being in Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia was no walk in the park. Here

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  1. Not one fucking word about the Union forces and Union losses.

    On 4th of July weekend.

    Once again I’m officially registering my heartfelt FUCK YOU to the illiterate scum bags who support the treasonous bastards who got half a million Americans killed.

    Everyone else, please celebrate the 4th like normal people do.

  2. When I lived in the Deep South (I was born there) and living in Mobile, attending the South Alabama University I went to see the grave sight of my Great Aunt and Uncle.

    As I walked around, I suddenly saw life-like statues of men in Confederate uniform. Their gravesites were honored as such.

    Am only one American. But, this brought tears to my eyes that all the people I have met and known throughout the United States (thus far), I knew their families’ history had some touch of this.

    LEAVE THESE ALONE! It was a touch of our history in witch NO country is absolved,

    Just, move on. There is no way anyone can change this.

    This is who we are, a part of our history. Life is sometimes hard.

    If you got any further complaints, go to South America. Find out what they suffered. Go start yourself with a garden, using your bare hands before complaining.

    Happy 4th to all beloved Americans.

  3. Fuck the union. The union fought the war to collect taxes. Any other reason given is a lie.

    A central state dictating policy is the reason we’re all on here bitching every day, in case some people cough aron burr cough can’t figure that out.

    Wake up.

  4. All those who died on our soil and every part of this earth are to be remembered and revered. I’ve walked many Confederate and Union cemeteries during the early dawn as the fog was eerily lifting, there laid Americans one and all.
    God Bless each US veteran, their Families for their loss and God Bless America.

  5. I do this every year. Because for some obscure reason Confederates keep trying to hijack this, our most significant national holiday.

    I always say that the Rebs have a plethora of other calendar dates to choose from to celebrate whatever they want.

    My point has always been, the 4th is for America. Not the Confederacy. Stop trying to compare the revolution to the civil war.

    Just go pick another day to play coulda shoulda woulda.

  6. @Aaron Burr the Cash song was posted as a finger in the eye of antifa and BLM who are vandalizing confederate statues and trying to erase our history.

    I sincerely doubt there is anyone who regularly post here that believes in the rebel cause or want to see segregation, Jim Crow or slavery brought back.

    But many do recognize that Lee did a service to his former nation when he outright surrendered and refused to release his soldiers to become bushwackers and insurgents keeping the civil war an open wound for generations to come. Doesn’t excuse the fact that Lee was a butcher both North and South, but he did a significant service to the nation by ending the war to the best of his abilities.

  7. The confederacy was fighting for self government (as idealized in the Declaration of Independence) which is not treasonous in the least as so many historically ignorant people seem to opine these days. Leaving a group that one voluntarily joins (as the compact between the states to form the federal govt. was) is also not treasonous in the least, and at least 3 of the original states noted in their ratification documents for the US Constitution that they reserved the right to leave the union if the federal govt. became abusive in its exercise of the power given to it by the states. The states voluntarily created the federal govt. so it makes no sense that the states had no legitimate right to remove themselves from what they felt were abusive actions and abuses of power committed against them by their own creation.

    Throughout the 1850’s (just prior to the War of Northern Aggression) about 75% of all revenues to the federal govt. came in the form of excise taxes from the southern sea ports. This was the real reason that Lincoln refused to allow the Confederacy to secede peacefully as the southern states tried to do, and instead started a horrific, blood-soaked war. He was willing to kill close to 700,000 of his own countrymen to prevent losing his own power and that of his financial backers through losing the revenue that propped up the northern dominated federal govt. While slavery was AN issue, it wasn’t THE issue (several northern states still had slaves after the war – the “emancipation” was only applied to the southern states that rebelled against the abuse of power).

    The great Walter Williams (the black economist and a truly brilliant thinker) wrote a couple of excellent columns on this very subject a few years ago that provides a valuable history lesson to offset the maleducation most of us received in school regarding the “Civil War”.



  8. Just remember Bro, It took 11M men 4 years and
    a 3 to 1 supply line advantage to defeat 5M men.
    The reconstruction period was long and painful
    for the south.There were many vicious scum FUCK
    northerners that stole,lied and cheated both black
    and white men.I remember my first trip up north from
    South Carolina.The people up there were crass,rude and
    had the manners of a barn animal.As we watch the north decay we see the south grow,everything goes full circle.

  9. Please let’s remember that Robert E. Lee, a West Point graduate and loyal soldier of the American army, Mexican War, repeated commendations for “gallant and meritorious conduct”. Ultimately he rose up through the ranks of the military, until he became considered to be the nation’s best military officer and became an advisor to the president. So much so that he was Lincoln’s first choice to lead the Union army.

    Lee agonized over his choices, which had nothing to do with slavery, writing to his sister:

    “With all my devotion to the Union and the feeling of loyalty and duty of an American citizen, I have not been able to make up my mind to raise my hand against my relatives, my children, my home. I have therefore resigned my commission in the Army, and save in defense of my native State, with the sincere hope that my poor services may never be needed, I hope I may never be called on to draw my sword.”

    In the end he put his loyalty to his home and very large family (both siblings and children, and an abandoned mother) above that of the country, actually not knowing whether or not there would end up being two separate countries. Throughout the Civil War, he also tried to comport himself with honor, best as such a horrible situation would allow.

  10. Some old wounds never heal.

    But our objective NOW is to eradicate statism in all its many forms that is threatening our very existence as free people.

  11. Pianamusic-Go Jaguars. Charter member of fraternity that recognized Robert E Lee as our spiritual leader. If anyone would care to read any history you would find that he was a man of great honor, and humility.
    Bubba’s brother- They have tried, and failed, to remove the true history of the reasons for the Southern States to succeed. The Northern industrial businesses relied heavily on the agricultural goods produced in the South, which was labor intensive, taxes both when shipped up north and again when finished goods were returned to the South. The Southern States were negotiating with British and European nations for better rates and this caused A Lincoln to panic, as the tremendous Govt income was soon to be severely cut if the new deals from Europe were agreed upon and the South’s goods were to be shipped there. Why do you think most of Europe supported the Southern states? It was all about the money, just like now, follow the money and you find out out who is supporting the upheaval in our country and the reasons why. More minorities are awakening to the fact that the demoturds have been promising them “their freedom from slavery” for over 170 years, yet keep them suppressed on their major city plantations/slums with just enough to get by. And the South is a much more tolerant society than the vicious racists communities being taught that the South/orange man bad policies will harm them, they are waking up and leaving the dems in droves, the MSM cannot stop filling the airwaves with totally false reports hourly/daily/weekly, every minute filled trying to keep the demoturds from losing the next election. History is taught by the winners in wars fought, unfortunately the history of USA only now goes back to the mid 1950’s when the first equal rights legislation laws were passed.
    Bubba’s got lots of brothers.


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