God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – IOTW Report

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Not to leave you tonight on a low note, but this gentleman really knows how to hits the bottom of the register. Watch

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  1. Not to be a nitpicker, but he left out the comma between “merry” and “gentlemen” in the title.

  2. Oh Yeah!!! Beautifully Done!!!! This guy’s name is Geoff Castellucci, I found out

    This is one of the more talented of musician/singers who actually went out into the world and pursued this rare and exceptional gift of a controlled voice range and a comprehension of music in the coordination of both. It’s the first I have ever heard of this guy. So, thanks for posting this (or, as Trump would say…”Good Job!”).

  3. A little off season, but if you go to Geoff’s YouTube channel, his original arrangement of “Monster Mash” was great.
    His videos usually need to be watched a few times to pick up on all the details he puts in.
    He is also part of an group called Voice Play.
    Check out their Mission Impossible inspired take on Jingle Bells.

  4. “To save us all from Satan’s power”
    Wouldn’t be great is singing would save us from the current Satan’s power.

  5. This is a great song and it made my day. Also making my day and showing that I am a blessed man, an anonymous person paid for my breakfast this morning at my favorite local restaurant The Calico Kitchen which I go to and eat breakfast at occasionally. Whoever that person was I ask for God’s blessing on him or her for their generosity. I was almost in tears when I left, thank you God for your goodness and kindness not just during the Christmas season but daily. I needed to be reminded of that, today is going to be a good day since it’s my day off and I will be sorting thru a lot of old family photos and slides and other things to make copies of them for my brothers and my kids (as well as grandkids) and other relatives and listen to Christmas music on my satellite radio. May God bless us all during this wonderful Christmas season.

  6. The lead singer’s vocal chords may br located below his knees. Amazing!!

  7. His testicles are hanging between his knees.

  8. The Marlboro man could match that. Tar coated vocal cords vibrate slowly.


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