God Speed ‘Dos Equis’ Guy

The Most Interesting Man In The World is being retired after a 9 year run. Jonathan Goldsmith will be replaced by a new spokesman.


You can watch the big send off after the jump.

Take a look at the prison scene at the 53 second mark. Is that Mitt Romney?Watch


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  1. I had just read a week or so ago that there was some sort of financial dispute between him and the company. Don’t remember where I saw it, though.

  2. I cannot lie, they picked me to replace him and in the first episode I knit me chest hairs into body armor all the while riding a Cadillac surfboard, in a tsunami with my windows down and singin’ some Tom Waits….then it gets weird…

  3. I remember in the 70’s someone told me they quit watching tv. I thought they were crazy. NO TV?
    I quit in the early 80’s. Best move I ever made. So I don’t know this person.

  4. No doubt the new guy will be black or brown and much more effeminate–just like those groovy millenials we are all now beholden to.

  5. Well, the Myth Buster guys, and gal are looking for a new gig.
    Does that Sam Adams pint glass really make the beer taste better?

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