Godfather star shames Chris Cuomo for Fredo rant

‘His father would smack him’


Gianni Russo, who starred in The Godfather, said Chris Cuomo made a fool out out of himself during his viral rant, in which the CNN anchor likened the name “Fredo” to the N-word.

Russo, who played a treacherous son-in-law in the 1972 classic, told TMZ that Cuomo’s father, former Gov. Mario Cuomo, would “smack him” over the tirade. Cuomo’s brother, Andrew Cuomo, is the current governor of New York.

The actor said calling the name “Fredo” an ethnic slur was “nonsense” and that it is simply a reference to a weak character. He also asserted that Cuomo likely hurt his career with the outburst, and criticized news anchors in general for becoming too opinionated in recent years. “They’re supposed to report news,” Russo said. “It’s not about what you think.”  more

16 Comments on Godfather star shames Chris Cuomo for Fredo rant

  1. Cuomo screwed himself. He’s going to be called Fredo so often that he should just have it inscribed on his tombstone.

  2. You can’t fix Stupid, but you can enjoy a good drink while watching it, and ole Fredo here is about as stupid as Stupid gets! I don’t watch CNN for the same reason I don’t drink from the toilet this particular purveyor of Fake News is one of many examples of whut floats around in it!
    The three most dangerous things in the world:
    A fart after a week in Mexico
    A guy from San Fransisco with a chipped tooth
    Fredo from CNN with the “News”

  3. Fredo was juiced up from his gym body building workouts and is given to outbursts of anger. He exploded with rage about a comment any public figure should have ignored as part of the territory.
    I hope his career is in flames, he’s a strident propagandist for the extreme left just like his loud mouthed brother.
    I agree that he made a fool of himself but then he does that everyday.

  4. As much as this guy loves himself, always posting “Pumping Iron”, anybody consider ‘roid rage?
    Looks like a classic melt down.

  5. Safelight should feature this guy in their commercials.

    “Got a kicked-out windshield after a family argument? Call Safelight and one of our technicians will come out to your guarded compound and replace it with one of our shitty windshields made in Chink slave labor camps”

  6. When even Carlo is more reasoned than you; you might be a Fredo. In this case there is no “might” about it.


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